Hero advice needed - who should I level?

Ok I am going to post my heroes and I hope I can get a little advice as to which direction I should be going,I pulled some pretty decent hero’s the other day a need a little advice on which ones I should be my focus. not really sure why those pictures uploading in that order the three red ones and protues were my new pullsScreenshot_2019-06-29-13-50-33|230x500

I’d leave your 5* heroes alone for now, and work on Wilbur and Proteus.

The two of them will be hugely helpful for Rare Quests and Challenge Events, so you can complete each and get the guaranteed Ascension Materials that you’ll need for your other heroes.

Wilbur is also excellent for every Titan team (except Rare Red Titans that reflect him).

Proteus is also excellent for Raiding (I use him on every Raid, in the Diamond Arena), and War (I’ve maxed two, and plan to max my other two for War).


Hi… Hope you don’t mind but I’ve changed the title of your post, to get the specific advice you seek. (“I’m getting a little sidetracked” I thought was a bit vague - I could be completely wrong though, so change it back if that’s what you were going with).



no that is completely ok with me, seems like i am always on here asking for help and i felt a little bad about just coming right out and saying which ones should i focus on lol. But thank you for the help

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thank you very much for the advice, after looking at my heroes what do you think my best raid team would be and possibly which way i should go on a defense team


Me again… I know this might be a bit off topic but I hope you are in an alliance that welcomes such questions. I’m blessed with very knowledgeable alliance mates who are always my first port of call for advice. Forum… a close second.

If not, there are some great training alliances - check them out in the alliance recruitment section.

Good luck. Back to the OP…

As you level more heroes, you’ll do well to stack 2-3 heroes of the strong color against the tank (center enemy) in most cases.

But for now, you’ll likely use many of the same heroes on Offense much of the time.

A good core for your Offense team for now would be Proteus, Boldtusk, and Tiburtus — that will cover some healing, attack buffing, defense debuffing, and mana control.

Ideally I’d pair that with a second healer and another hitter, aiming to end up with 2-3 heroes that are strong against the tank in most cases. (One notable exception is when fighting Kashhrek tanks — you’re better off stacking against one of the flanks and using neutral colors against green to avoid playing into his strength).

Building on the above, Kashhrek is really the best 4* tank, so I’d use him on your Defense for that if you’re able to max him.

Otherwise Boldtusk at +3 as in your screenshot would be a solid choice.

If you’re keeping your current Defense for now, then I’d change the order to: Sonya, Kashhrek, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Hu Tao for now.

That will put your strongest 3 heroes in the middle slots. The AI also fires Special Skills from left to right, so if more than one is ready to fire on the same turn, that will ensure Boldtusk’s attack buff fires before Tiburtus or Hu Tao, and that Tiburtus fires before Hu Tao.

Having Sonya dispel first can also be useful in case the attacker has Riposte or defense buffs active.


thank you for the great advice , much needed and much appreciated