Hero adjustments and color stacking

Hello, some of the higher people in our team have noticed that their heroes are acting differently and that color stacking is not giving the same amount of tiles in that color. They are asking if tweeks were made to the heroes or the way color tiles show up. I was chatting with some other leaders they said they are seeing some differences as well. Any info on it? Thank you!!!

There has been no change in the rng algorithm for the boards. I’ve been getting horrible boards for a couple of days now but it’s just part of the game. I’ve advocated for two years to change the distribution to a more evenly one but have given up on the idea cause it doesn’t look like it’s ever happening.


They have steadfastly resisted the idea of shaping the distribution, so I’d agree with this assessment.

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Thank you. I have said that to them as well, but i told them i would ask.


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