Hero Academy vs Alchemy Lab

Forgive me if this is beating a deadhorse. (Its been over a year since I posted anything). I am currently working on building my hero academy up to level 10. Should I continue or is it worth it as compared to getting my alchemy lab up first. I have been playing off and on for about 2 years now and just curious if hitting level 10 in h.a. would bring me better chances of better heros or if my lab would be better off In the long run. Anyways just curious as to ideas. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help.

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Anyway this is my opinion at this moment the Alchemy labs contributes more than HA so i gave priority to it.


For me IMO, at least AL at level-5, so that we can 2x transmution, and get 1000 Alkashard faster.
Then start HA.


Thank you for your input. I have my AL up to level 5 and now my hero academy on its way up to level 7.

This is the correct answer. You then toggle between 2 of the 3 advanced buildings or Barracks as resources allow. AL5->HA6->AL10 or HA10 depending on needs


Apples vs Oranges. Let us scrutinize:

Alchemy Lab. An advance building where you can transmute crafting material,a ascension materials and battle items to a different crafting material, ascension material and battle item, respectively. It is also used to farm for Alkashards where a thousand of it will allow you to combine and get to choose to obtain either an unfarmable ascension material or 10 emblems or 5 legendary battle items. For best farming result, max it so you can transmute 3 at a time, giving you more shards in the quickest way possible and possibly get epic ascension mats or emblems to better your heroes thru talents. Last two functions will give you 1,050 shards WEEKLY at the cost of at least 100 gems, among others.

Hero Academy. An advanced structure which can be used to supplement feeder hero production other than your Training Camps (you can also train a trainer hero), and/or the capability now to train feeder troops and since the training costs iron, serve it as an iron bank similar to how experienced and advanced players use their Training Camps to store food (commonly, TC20 function), and/or allow you to retrain your dupe or useless legendary heroes and/or epic troops for another but different legendary hero (with a chance to get past HOTMs and old event heroes). If intending to use the retrain a legendary function, it is highly suggested that before researching HA10, other levels must be researched first.

Now that you are clarified with their functions, it is up to the player on which of the structures would benefit him the most based on the player’s status (whether F2P, C2P or P2P, or the number of dupes or the lack of ascension items or battle items, emblems, etc.) as each player have varying needs or wants.

Whichever building you focus on leveling or maxing, good luck and may you have favorable tiles in your boards always.


I would also choose the Alchemy Lab for the Alkashards and rewards that come with it. I originally made the mistake of stopping at level four, and was stuck with only one transmutation. Having the ability to complete multiple transmutations allows for more Alkashards, and with that you can get more emblems or ascension items. Emblems in particular are limiting my defense team, so it is a great tool for that. I would build the alchemy lab first.

My second thought is to convert an iron mine to the Hero Academy. If you are to this point you can sacrifice some iron production. I am usually overflowing in iron due to long build times, even with VIP. One less iron mine means you can have an active barracks, Alchemy Lab, Hunters Lodge, and Hero Academy and Still craft items with excess ham and iron.


AL first so you can start collecting shards to ultimately get an extra 10-20 emblems per week. Emblems are huge in this game right now…the more you can get the better!

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It depends if you are Tina Turner or Bonnie Tyler

If you’re not a fan of terrible eighties music, I will explain further

Tina Turner - We don’t need another Hero

If you have a lot of worthwhile heroes and you await ascension items, my view is that AL10a and 10b are the best option. So Tina likes Alchemy Lab the best

Bonnie Tyler - I need a Hero

If you have lots of ascension items and are wanting decent heroes to spend them on, the last levels of HA are probably more useful to you. So Bonnie likes the Hero Academy


It really depends on your roster and item stash - so your call

Personally I’m with Tina for now


The forum needs the equivalent of an angry upvote for this.

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You will use 3 levels of the Alchemy lab and receive Alkashards to get emblems or ascension items with them. You will use 1 maaaayyybee 2 levels of the Hero Academy and get basically feeders.
The Alchemy Lab takes precedence for certain.


Now you summed up my previous post in one line. I love the Turner vs Tyler comparison !!


:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl::sweat_smile:

All such posts shall henceforth link to this answer.


Continue it. It may not feel like its worth it but it is. I’m waiting on level 10 HA to upgrade. Only about a week left for me. I want some event heroes. It’ll probably take a year but that’s ok lol


There are a few season 1 heros I wouldnt mind. I would like marjana, magni, and richard. I’ll take any s1 fast sniper too. I’ll take another joon or sartana.

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Love that analogy :joy::joy::joy:. Do I have to max the lab to do multiple level transmutions?


Maxing it allows you to transmute three different levels in Alchemy Lab. Doing so, you maximize shard production quick, especially if you are going to use either or both last levels of AL, each providing 1,050 shards per week (at the cost of 100 and/or 150 gems per week, easily doable if you have VIP), the highest shard production on a per hour basis. This is followed by several others (I chose to research AL12 as it only requires few items).

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The Hero’s academy is just trash to me and I only focus on Alchemy.

Thanks :grin:

I think once you reach level 5 you can do two transmutations or researches at once, and three once you reach level 10. I’m at level 10 now and can do 3, can’t remember where they all clicked in though

Thank you
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