Hero academy training rare troops

I am training rare troops in hero academy. Currently have 31 days in cue. It shows correctly when in go into the academy but on the external label the 1 and 3 are transposed and it reads 13 days. Not a big deal but thought you should know.

Are you sure you don’t have two different tiers going at once, and there’s 13 days remaining on the other tier?



@Dan7 is right. Externally, it will only show the timer of the other function which is next to be done, similar to the Alchemy Lab as long as there are several functions working on either HA or AL.

For illustration:

As you can see, the first screenshot says my Hero Academy has something queued and will be done in 1d 2h. But the second screenshot is telling me that my HA6 is queued for 133d 16h 30m while my HA10 will be done in 1d 2h 55m. Whatever function or level you are doing in either HA or AL, the shortest period will be the one displayed externally.

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Double posting??? 20 double post characters

Yup my bad. My HA level 10 research is now 12 days. They just happened to be inversed and I wasn’t thinking.

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