Hero Academy: trading ascended heroes, ninja troops

Hello, I have been searching for a while but can’t find any info about this.

Can you retrain a hero that has been already leveled/ascended?

If you do, does the new hero have the same level the original hero had? Or perhaps you just lose the upgrades - in this case do you get any of invested items back?

Then, what about talents - can you send a hero with talents in and expect a hero with talents out of it or would they lose their talents during convertion? Or maybe it forces you to reset talents first?

Same about troops - can you retrain upgraded ones? Do they retain the upgrade? Otherwise, so you get anything back or is it just lost?

Can you retrain or receive ninja troops via this building?

Using this building is a far perspective for me but answers to these questions could help me decide if I should upgrade my duplicate heroes with excessive materials or leave them as they are.

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