Hero Academy - Research not finishing

In Hero Academy, I researched lvl 9. After finishing, the sign card was shown. However, in HA it says a research is still ongoing. Started research 4-5days ago.

Did you try click on the bubble with hero icon above building?


Your research is done. You can now train. Unless you were researching something different than shown?

HA level 9 research takes 7 days to complete, so no way it is done if you started it 4-5 days ago (unless you spent gems to speed it up).

But why is the card on top of HA? Nothing I can do. I may have started earlier. Not sure. Bit I got the push notification that research is finished. Further, it should show the time until it is finished. Isn’t it?

Don’t forget you can do two “things” simultaneously in HA: research + train or research + research or train + train. So you might have finished second research or training. HA always show the shorter time remaining of those two. And if one is already finished then you’ll have there that “completion bubble”. When you click it you’ll have there time remaining for the other research/training with little 1/2 showing you that you can do the second thing.

If you look at the screenshot you’ll see nothing is running

It would be great if you can post pictures of all the levels , from 1-10… that might help to identify your problem.

Just gotta tap this icon, no?

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Your research is already finished. You just have to go to the corresponding level and click “Done” to accept it. Can you show me a screenshot of levels 1 to 5?

Not exactly, only one research is allowed at a time. Not two simultaniously. So either research + train or train + train.


Here are all levels.

There is no ok sign to accept. Cannot remember ever accepted

rare heroes - says “done”
try to click on that one and see what happens…


Yes, as @diesdas suggested, you have to click on “Done” to finish the research. You should be good to go after that :slight_smile:

if you have all od S1 5’s and you know you have one slime change inhell that one might get the non-S1 5, is there anything of value in HA other than troops mainly 2&3’s?

Thx guys. Overlooked that one.

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