Hero Academy Redirection

I’m aware a lot of people aren’t happy with the HA & this might have been suggested by someone else already (don’t have the time to check), but I feel like the HA would have been better spent making existing heroes better.

My particular idea is that you start with turning 1* & 2* heroes from just resources into actually useful heroes by making it so that they can become 4* & 5* respectively. To make it worthwhile for everyone, I’d make it that they’d have to be maxed out (not in emblems) before gaining a *, at which point they start over at T1 L1. They only get emblems once they’re fully maxed out (like current heroes).

The real kicker would be to make them cost more resources (I’m thinking the higher rarity asc mats that ppl buy), but also make them a bit better than the current heroes at lower *s. This would create more strategy i.e. do I keep getting up my hero or keep them at a lower * so they can compete in those tournaments.

This would be a win/win, SG keeping getting money from those who are willing to spend to get the heroes up quickly, whilst players get ‘new’ heroes to level up and strategise with.

If they wanted to help out the newer players as well, I’d make the HA accesible much earlier in the game, maybe at lvl15, & refund those who already have the HA their resources.

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