Hero Academy or Alchemy lab first? Which building to convert?

Yes. Very much. Try it.


Thanks! but I need to wait 10 more days till SH25 then however long for the HA to get built. I will try it.

mine cause the lab ja Good now

I would not make any plans about future changes to the game, especially Lab or Academy.

But this definitely has me intrigued.

(Alternate Raid and War defense formations - Please add your ideas and comments here!)


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Nah. I’d still rather get those food. Too many things can be done by it, i.e. leveling heroes and troops, ascending and embleming heroes, researching structure’s features, training/retraining heroes in TC and HA, crafting battle items. I dont care about the much investment, roi and diminishing returns as we are not studying or working on economics to better our country. I am just here to play the game.

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