Hero Academy newb questions

Is it worth all the iron and time to build the Hero academy all the way to level 10?
Also is there a guide chart that shows the cost break down and days to build for each level?

Take a look at this thread:


it’s worth it if you have extra heroes.

As with Alchemy lab going to 10 let’s you run more things at once. You don’t need to run level 10 of either (currently I don’t anyway) but having them max levelled means you get to run more of the lower level stuff.

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If you’re f2p/c2p, HA can be beneficial in giving you a slim hope of s2, old hotms, and original monthly event heroes. Mind you getting a specific hero has very bad odds. But if you got time/ham/recruits, it doesn’t hurt.


The question is a bit of what else are you using that iron for. I’m f2p and generally always at an excess of iron so the potential to get more and better five stars is well worth it.

I choose hero academy over filling leveling fully barracks, watchtower, iron mines, advanced house, alchemy lab, and Hunters Lodge.

Hero academy will get me one five star a week. Tc20 at 5% each nets me maybe one a month.

HA is well worth it. I am also a newbie since my HA is just on its way upgrading. :yum:

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You are far from being a newbie. You are an oldbie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If u have lots of duplicate 5* or terrible ones and u have all ur storages maxed then it’s definitely worth it.it might be a small chance to get another non classic hero from the retraining but it’s a good chance so go for it

OP may also want to read and/or see this: Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting.


There’s over 1,000 posts in this thread and several sub threads. I recommend this thread highly :grin: as the Creator of this thread is a very smart Man!

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