Hero Academy lvl 3 research time

Not sure whether this is really a ‘bug’… :thinking:

Research of HA lvl 1 through 8 needs 1 day each. However, lvl 3 is finished in only 1 hour. I guess it should be a day as well. :wink:

Or maybe all the others researches should be shorter than a day?! :woman_shrugging:
It’s already enough that some levels take weeks to upgrade and research, please don’t ask to make it worst. :wink:

Not a bug.

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Ok, i did not realize that lvl 1 is one hour as well. Sorry for that one. :wink:
But nonetheless, the irregularity for lvl 3 (and somewhat lvl 1 as well) seems odd to me. I am more kind of liking regular patterns… :grimacing:

By the way, the research cost for insta-research given in the table are outdated. :roll_eyes:

It seems because both level 1 and 3 are feeder heroes (1*-2*), the others are either troops or 3*-5*.

Even their training time are significantly faster than other levels.


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