Hero Academy level 9

I’ve read up on the HA, and all I can find on level 9 is that you get a different 4* troop. Is that of the same element as I put in?

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Source: 🤓 Hero Academy! FAQ, Links, Guides and Discussion

ANY other 4* troop… no colour limitations. Just not what you put in.


And please only put in a level 1 troop.

Whatever you get back will be level 1.


Oups, I think I should tell that to my alliane mates^^ thx

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4 * in 4 * out
You can’t do anything else at level 9.

liting this back up… so still only crit and mana in here? … ? …


why tho?

Magic and ninja and there gonna be another me thinks as there a new tower maybe different crit troops …
They new well ninja been out a while but dont see them being in HA9 any time soon …:+1:


Seems time to ad new ones to it tho… I can’t see why I’d even unlock it rn

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1st retrain and got my blue mana troop that I have been missing for 1.5 years.


wow, super nice for a first retrain to get just what you need! :partying_face:

i had gone a little over two years without ever getting a green mana troop, but then pulled two magics in one magic tower, then started HA9 right afterward, did 3 retrains and got my regular green mana, and then got a green cyclops at the styx tower a week after that. when it rains it pours. :man_shrugging: :laughing:


Yeah very lucky. Going to try for more blues in the upcoming Styx event. Don’t think I will get another blue mana for a while doing HA9.

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Wait, does HA9 now include the Tower Troops? I remembered when Ninja Troops were added accidentally and they were quick to revert that and make HA9 semi-worthless. Even looked for this thread to see if there was a “HA9 Retraining Results” thread like with HA10, with people getting at least 1 Tower Troop.

They never announced that they were added, nor have I seen anyone get these troops from HA, so I would say no. Out of curiosity, what makes you ask this?

Because I was curious if HA9 is even worth doing. Also was curious if they’ve kept track of people using HA9 under the presumption that Tower Troops were a possibility post-hotfix when Ninja Tower first got added to the game.

Ok, gotcha. It would be nice if they added some of these in, though I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Maybe they could have them alternate months so that they aren’t always available, but alas I think that would still be “giving away” too much in their eyes

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