Hero Academy level 8 - Results & Reporting

MERLIN(dupe #3)

Old portal: Peter’s
New portal: Merlin, Capt. Of Diamonds
Ha8: Boomer, Hansel, Lancelot, Capt of Diamonds (dupe), Merlin (#3)

Missing: Falcon, Jackal, Gretel, Chesire Cat.

I guess it’s nice it’s putting out event heroes and I’ll likely see jackal and falcon soon and it’s working Way better than ha10. I jus don’t see myself maxing third Merlin. I finished Lancelot and he’s at +20 Merlin is done but waiting on emblems. Capt is currently being leveled and I’m likely going to do Boomer too unless guardians show up or a new 5*.
Apologies for bad formatting I’ll try to fix in edit or next post.

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i there someone who can say me how long it takes this improve HA8 pull exactly? i don’t get nothing except S1 heroes up to now and i run continuously

It’s simple RNG. Don’t forget that the S1 heroes are twice as much compared to the Challenge Festival ones. I already got two non-s1 4* out of my HA 8 and it’s been running since after Christmas, so 3 weeks. It’s different for all. Preservere and you will get there.

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yes yes i know their RNG pretty good… :slight_smile:

Third non-S1 hero.

Pull # Hero Amount of ham spent during the hunt
1 Colen 200k
2 Cheshire Cat (dupe) 400k
3 Tibs 600k
4 Sabina 800k
5 Sabina 1,000k
6 Merlin (new) 1,200k
7 Chao 1,400k
8 Boril 1,600k
9 Sir Lancelot (dupe) 1,800k

Missing event heroes: Boomer, Gretel, and Peters


Red streak ended, but does it start again?

Pull # Hero Amount of troop xp loss during the G.Falcon hunt (HA6)
1 Guardian Jackal (new) 200
2 Gormek 400
3 Gormek 600
4 Boldtusk 800
5 Kelile 1000
6 Chao 1200
7 Grimm 1400
8 Boomer (new) 1600
9 Kelile 1800
10 Colen 2000
11 Boldtusk 2200
12 Kelile 2400
13 Melendor 2600
14 Scarlett 2800

13th train has been ended today.

Pull # Hero Note Non S1 # and Rate
1 Guardian Falcon #3 I have kept him 1 = 100%
2 Guardian Falcon #4 RNG are you serious ?
No more Falcons needed.
I have used him as food
2 = 100%
3 Tiburtus Food for Merlin 2 = 66.66%
4 Melendor Food 2 = 50%
5 Skitteskull Food 2= 40%
6 Little John Food 2= 33%
7 Rigard Food 2=28.6%
8 Sonya Food 2=25%
9 Sabina Food 2=22%
10 Li Xiu Food 2=20%
11 Scarlett Food 2=18%
12 Chesire Cat #1 To be leveled 3=25%
13 Gormek Food 3=23%

Yesterday HA8 did:

Awesome, he will really improve my reds.
Getting peters was 20 days ago, thats 8 trainings, so I’m at 2/13.

This completes my 4* collection of guardians, peters completed pirates and had already completed avalon. Most wanted now is Hansel, with gretel a close second (as I’m out of new yellows, while I have back backlog of greens…). Also still mis wonderland with captain and cat, but those are more niche and I can live without them.


1st - Gormek
2nd - Sabina
3rd - Another Gormek
4th - Kiril

Still nothing new


Got my ha8 up and running. Be able to add my data is a day or 2 :smile:


Odds are pretty nice if you want any non s1. I think there’s 22 s1 and 10 old event heroes so you have a 10/32 chance of event hero. Basically just under 30% chance. Of course if you want a specific hero it’s 1/32 which is what I’m looking at for jackal and falcon.

I’m currently 5/14 so nearly exactly as it should be. Ha10 on the other hand is 1/45 so that’s bad.

Another quick update, just collected another dupe (Falcon) HA8 has only given me dupes so far, still waiting on a Jackal.

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Training 11-

I’m at 6/11 non-S1! But I decided to stop HA8 and go back to HA10 instead. Going just for CoD and 2nd Jackal is not really worth it, I hope 4* costumes are gonna be added to HA8 someday and I might resume trainings one day. I’ve got 4/6 wanted results out of 11 trainings so I’m more than satisfied.

Summary for now :

1- Grimm
2- Kashhrek
3- Sonya
4- Sabina (2nd, but wanted dupe)
5- Peters (New)
6- Hansel
7- Boomer (New)
8- Guardian Falcon
9- Cheshire Cat (New)
10- Caedmon
11- Merlin

Still kind of wanted in the future : Captain of Diamonds, 2nd Jackal


The urgency of my question above is increasing :slight_smile:

Congratuations on your luck :slight_smile:


Thanks! I hope my luck passes to someone else now! Maybe to you :slight_smile:.

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5th Chao

Back to HA10… Falcon will come another day, not for now.


First train for me was golden


Nice :slight_smile: Congratulations :slight_smile:


when i read your results from HA8 it sounds like tales for me… still none no S1 i stopped HA5 too (i want Pixie) due to terrible odds

Fourth non-S1 hero. :+1:

Pull # Hero Amount of ham spent during the hunt
1 Colen 200k
2 Cheshire Cat (dupe) 400k
3 Tibs 600k
4 Sabina 800k
5 Sabina 1,000k
6 Merlin (new) 1,200k
7 Chao 1,400k
8 Boril 1,600k
9 Sir Lancelot (dupe) 1,800k
10 Jackal (wanted dupe) 2,000k

Missing event heroes: Boomer, Gretel, and Peters


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