Hero Academy level 8 - Results & Reporting

A few more collected :slightly_frowning_face:
82. Sabina
83. Boril
84. Chao

“Tapping fingers annoyed”


Jesus Christ come on… When you pull him you should get his avatar as well

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Ive never wanted a 4* so badly over a new 5* lol
Maybe when i get him @Dudeious.Maximus can give me a :eagle: emoji instead of the avatar :thinking: :pleading_face: lol


Ooof I hope you’ll get him soon. I mean, it’s already painful right now for you, but imagine 100 trainings without him, that would be really bad!

I mean, I needed over 120 pulls in almost 2 years time to get 1 G. Jackal from old Guardians event and he didn’t drop from my 21 HA8 trainings I’ve done, who knows how long would I have to hunt him in HA8, if I didn’t get him from the event lol.

Ive gotten g jackal the most outta any hero from ha8 ive already got 3 @ +19 2 of them LB for wars cuz pretty much everyone uses purple tanks… rng eh

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About two weeks ago I started trying to start HA8, because I’m tired of HA10’s constantly bad results.

I’m going to start hunting for Hansel, since he’s the only hero available here that I haven’t got.

  1. Chao
  2. Falcon (sorry @OGdirty1Kanobi, looks like your falcon flew to my place :crazy_face:)
  3. Gormek
  4. Gormek
  5. Cyprian

Its “facial tick” fine… “tick” im happy “tick” for you


3 more collected

  1. Chao
  2. Tiburtus
  3. Sir lancelot



how long does 1 retrain take in ha 8 ?

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From the linked post in the OP regarding Hero Academy info. :point_up:



2.5 days i believe or maybe 3

I just starded:

  1. Boril
  2. GF (new)
  3. Chao
  4. Cyprian
  5. Hansel (new)

OMG, he’s the one I’m looking for. :laughing:

congrats to you @Dzibong


Mine is sitting unleveled for some reason. Mostly too much focus on 5*.

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Another 3 collected Another 3 letdowns

  1. Boomer
  2. Sonya
  3. Sonya


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Anything other than S1 heros … celebration!


After months or years, the only new ones so far: costumed domitia and margaret (also one dupe khiona, useless)

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Erm are you talking about ha10 ?

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Challenge festival is due soon hopefully falcon makes an appearance for you there or in HA8 by then.

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Yeah if i get past 100 trainings and still dont have him… i guesa ill keep going lol but i wont be happy about it