Hero academy level 4 uncommon generation output not the same count as selected

i select a generation of 5 uncommon heroes, “paid” for 5 and receive 3,4 or 5 heros… What gives?

Are you sure is that 5 in process? Because we can undone before produced with minus (-), just like TC.
And HA level 4 is not receive heroes, it receive uncommon Troops.




Care to respond to @jinbatsu’s point?

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Yes, I am sure. It am quite used to the adjustment use. This issue has occurred several times now… I believe since either this last update or the one before.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: had a friend watch the process, where i REQUESTED 5 and got only 4. she pointed out that 1 of my generated heros actually had a ‘2’ under it while the other 3 only had a “1”, indicating that 2 copies of one hero were generated. So, no bug. Just an observational erroron my part

And closingthis post now.

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