Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Congrats on your Miki, and what they all said ^

I’d be sad if I got him, but only because I already have two. I whizzed one of them up and haven’t looked back. He revolutionizes titans, is very handy for challenge events and situationally can do good work in wars. Note I’ve never spent emblems on mine, he’s tough enough without, so just call him low maintenance and embrace him.


Thanks! A second (at 3-70 or higher) is always good for Mythic Titans or Ninja Tower too. This was my first but I also have Big Daddy Tarlak


Well I’ve officially joined the HA10 club. Justice #4 went in as first retrain so 7 days from now we shall see but I’m not hoping. Honestly I’d be thrilled with Marjana who after 3 years I still don’t have. Over 600 Tc20 and many pulls including a cos chamber pull 30x with 150 keys and 3 10x only isarnia costume(I have 3 of her she’s at 3.70 likely staying there too even w costume) but not only no marjana but no URAEUS who I really wanted and normally I inore hotm as I hardly have gems etc. That one really hurt. But we play on. Good luck all see you in a week!

  1. Justice. TBD
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On a good note, and just to let you know, I played for 2.5 years and no Marjana… then in my first 3 pulls from HA10, I got her twice.
And in the same period pulled her a third time from the costume chamber
Never give up hope

  1. Horghall-Domitia
  2. Domitia-Captain Kestrel :heart_eyes:
  3. Obakan-Onatel !!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
  4. Obakan-Sartana! (new)
  5. Marjana-Magni
  6. Magni-Leonidas
  7. Leonidas-Sartana
  8. Obakan-Elkanen ( still missing lianna)
  9. Elkanen-Richard
  10. Richard-Khagan (new)
  11. Obakan-Richard

Never surrender guyz ! :stuck_out_tongue:


20th retraining today, 20th S1 Hero. Still need Magni and Elena.

Friend in the alliance is similar, but at 22 S1 heroes.

My brain says I’m due for a non S1 hero. But truthfully I’m no closer today than I was almost 5 months ago when I started retraining :-1:t2:

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Seventeenth Retraining:

Thorne -> Lianna

Round and round we go.

Retraining Date Start Hero In Hero Out :+1: :-1:
1 23 Oct, 2020 Clarissa (4) Domitia :-1:
2 30 Oct, 2020 Domitia Elena :-1:
3 6 Nov, 2020 Elena Elkanen :-1:
4 13 Nov, 2020 Elkanen Thoth-Amun :pinching_hand:
5 20 Nov, 2020 Joon #3 Lianna # 4 :-1:
6 27 Nov, 2020 Lianna # 4 Domitia #3 :-1:
7 4 Dec, 2020 Domitia #3 Horghall # 2 :-1:
8 11 Dec, 2020 Horghall # 2 Azlar # 3 :-1:
9 18 Dec, 2020 Magni # 3 Horghall # 2 :-1:
10 25 Dec, 2020 Horghall # 2 Kadilen # 3 :-1:
11 02 Jan , 2021 Azlar # 3 Marjana # 4 :-1:
12 08 Jan, 2021 Marjana Quintus :-1:
13 15 Jan, 2021 Quintus Joon :-1:
14 22 Jan, 2021 Joon Magni :-1:
15 29 Jan, 2021 Magni Sartana :-1:
16 7 Feb, 2021 Sartana Thorne :-1:
17 16 Feb, 2021 Thorne Lianna :-1:
18 23 Feb, 2021 Lianna ???

News Presenter voice:
In other news, did you know that a cat has 32 muscles PER EAR!!!

And this has been another presentation of Guvs fairly useless progress updates. Tune in again this time next week (or the week after) for the next fascinating installment!


Wow, frustrating, you would think the amount of time & money we spend on E&P that these issues would be simpler.

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Anyone know if Small Giant is even listening or entertaining the idea of making the wait time for retraining 5*’s shorter? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t brought it up, you can’t swing a dead cat on the forum without hitting or coming across an idiot (like me😬) harping on about it!!!

Thank you for lining our pockets!

E&P Staff


Horghall → Joon
Joon → Elkanen
Elkanen → Joon
Joon → Elena
Elena → Marjana
Marjana > Quintus
Quintus → Marjana
Marjana → Lianna!
Marjana → Insarnia
Insarnia → Elkanen
Elkanen → Domitia
Kadilen → Insarnia
Insarnia → Obakan



Throne #3 - Vivica #3
Groot #3 - Neith #1 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Domitia #6 - Obakan #3
Obakan #3 - Magni #2
Khagan #3 - Kadilen #1 :ok_hand:
Vivica #3 - Isarnia #3
Obakan #3 - Richard #1 :ok_hand:
Azlar #3 - Elkaen #3
Quintus #2 - Justice #1 :ok_hand:
Domitia #5 - Obakan #3

Elkanen #3 - Justice #2
Throne #2 - Magni #3
Domitia #4 - Magni #4 :anger:
Threw in another Domitia, hopefully no more Magni!


First non-S1 after 14 runs:

New for me and pretty welcome with all these Sif’s currently sitting in the 2nd line.


That’s a good one, congrats! I love mine against all these sneering Sifs and Elenas in the safe middle of the spiderwebs.

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Yeah, that’s of course.

But I have to say that, I currently use Ametrine and c.Sabina on the wings in this case and do not have many problems.

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Yeah, for the lucky guys who have cSabina and Ametrine :sob:! I must keep to my own meagre resources…

Okay, truth is I have Sabina (without costume, and she always dies in raids so I rarely use her now) and Ametrine too, on her way up, from last Ninja portal. I have also Melendor, Caedmon and Sonya, but no 5 star dispeller. So Kage is incredibly useful for me, and I am thinking now to level up my second one. I think you too will find him useful!

Today Domitia came out of the oven looking suspiciously like Isarnia. I don’t feel like tying up the HA for another week just now, or using vast numbers of precious troops I could be levelling my current squad with, so I’m going to make some more trainer heroes for a bit. See you all in a bit!

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Just started a couple of weeks ago and this is what I ended up with.


I didn’t have Liana or Kadilen and my green stack is pretty weak so it’s going well so far. Now waiting for weeks of disappointment lol


Results so far:
Isarnia in - Thorne out
Thorne in - Horghall out
Isarnia in - Zeline out
Richard in - Elkanen out
Richard in - anything but green please
Although I am very happy with both Zeline and Elkanen


first retraining. I don’t have Azlar, so it will stay on the roster for now. let’s move on


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