Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

|1| Quintus => Domitia
|2| Horghall => Athena
|3| Isarnia => Khagan
|4| Justice => Joon
|5| Joon => Elena
|6| Elena => Kadilen


No new heroes this year yet.
This is Joon #4 for me so I’ve sent him back in… maybe next week. Still waiting for Marjana to join my roster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Date Recycled Hero Retrained Hero
27/11/20 Domitia Elena
04/12/20 Elena Richard
11/12/20 Glenda Vivica
18/12/20 Domitia Quintus
25/12/20 Quintus Justice
01/01/21 Justice Sartana
08/01/21 Richard Boss Wolf
15/01/21 Justice Marjana
22/01/21 Elkanen TBA

Most people here seem to be getting one non s1 in their first ten with very few not having one yet… does this seem to defy the 5 percent (1 in 20) theory or are people only posting if they get lucky? Did they buff it before release?

Personally I just hit ten pulls still waiting…

Yeah. Others were even luckier, already getting 2 non-S1 legendaries. I stopped posting my results a few months ago after realizing that it aint helping me anything, nor anyone else, posting screenshots of the results of retraining but only getting S1 heroes. Started churning HA10 since September last year. Will only be posting screenshots here once more if I ever get a non-S1 hero from HA10. It may or may not happen anytime soon. But I still hope and am still hoping.


My posts are accurate on HA retraining.
Im on now 9th retraining. :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m back! Y’all miss me? :wink:

Recap on previous trainings:

Richard > Elena
Quintus > Marjana (new)
Vivica > Azlar
Isarnia > Domitia
Domitia > Richard
Richard > Domitia (argh!)

On return:
Joon > Elena
Elena > …


Domitia is detransitioning


Heroes Academy Retraining Outcomes:
Zocc…Horghall (Already Owned)
Horghall…Magni (Already Owned)
Magni…Elena (Already Owned)
Elena…Vivica (Already Owned)
Vivica…Thorne (Already Owned)
Thorne…Horghall Sighs (Already Owned)

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Ninth retrain:

Khagan ==> Marjana

Second Marjana in a row. I have quite a stack of dark to work on, including Victor, Zulag, Domitia, Quintus, Fura, and others, I will never get to my second Clarissa, so in she goes.

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Groot is who hero, and TBD? :grin::grin:

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  1. richard - elena
  2. obakan - marjana
  3. marjana - richard
  4. joon - domita
  5. Obakan - Kadilen
  6. Kadilen -
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I’m very very lucky with academy.
Horghall -> Obakan
Obakan -> GRAZUL !!!
Quintus -> Sartana
Elkanen -> Isarnia
Isarnia -> Thorne
Thorne -> TARLAK !!!
Elkanen ->


Wow, you have beaten the odds a lot, congratulations :slight_smile:


Forum reporting bias.

Folks are more likely to report good results than bad ones. One example of this was when there were polls for how many folks received the HOTM in x pulls. From the respondents, the result was far higher than the published odds; not because the published odds were wrong. Folks who get the HOTM on a single coin pull run to the forum to share their joy, but folks who get nothing on a 30 pull are more reluctant to share their ‘spending for nothing’ shame.

I’ve completed 11 retraining actions so far and only received S1 from it. I don’t reasonably expect anything to drop until completing a set of 25 - 40, but I still hope.


1st: Thorne into Khagan
2nd: Thorne into Marjana
3rd: Thorne into Domitia
4th: Kadilen into Elkanen.
5th: Thorne into Kadilen.
6th: Kadilen in.

Date Input Output
2021-01-15 Elkanen #3 TBD
  1. Vivica —> Domitia
  2. Horghall —> Elkanen
  3. Elkanen —> Leonidas
  4. Leonidas —> Lianna
  5. Vivica —> Elena
  6. Elena —> Horghall
  7. Horghall —> Obakan
  8. Obakan —> Richard
  9. Richard —> Obakan
  10. Obakan —> Joon
  11. Kadilen —> Quintus
  12. Quintus —> Alberich
  13. Leonidas —> Isarnia
  14. Isarnia —> Vivica
  15. Vivica —> Azlar
  16. Azlar —> Vivica
  17. Vivica —>

And what did you expect? Of course people will most likely post the good results.
I report all my retrainings including the bad ones, but I’m too lazy to post every single week that I got S1 hero, so I post if I get something I’m gonna keep + the whole chart of my retrainings.

But I already made a post so I might as well update :

15.1. 2021 : Azlar - Quintus
He went right back in.


I had a feeling I was going to get something today :star_struck: this is really rewarding for C2P players, my first non S1 from HA10!


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