Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

I gave up HA10 about a month ago. It’s been 6 months at least since I’ve gotten anything not season 1 with no costume. After 2 years or whatever it’s been it’s simply not worth my time anymore. If they were less stingy with costumes in it I’d probably keep it up, but the way it is it’s just a waste.

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Its not really to much time to waste anyway, once a week 300 recruits and ham… for the chance of something decent showing up. I mean i got miki out of ha10 after a while. So those unicorns can show up. But to each their own i suppose


I’ve gotten one useful hero and that was devana and more often than not she sits the bench unless i need a dispeller. Uniforms can happen… But they don’t for me and others.


My last post here was Oct 14, so it’s only been six weeks since the last. Today I got:

as luck would have it, i already had c1 from the costume chamber itself, and she was already maxed and i just brought her to +20 a couple weeks ago when i realized i had more fighter emblems than i expected (probably from watching lots of MV).

It’s not necessarily the costume i wanted, but I’ll take it, and will for sure max the new costume and LB her and probably reemblem her once i figure out which costume i will use most often. She always comes out for rush as is, but this might bring her back into regular use since she might be able to survive long enough to use her special with the extra stats from the double costume bonus.

I am now at 5 costumes (2 c2s, 3 c1s) and 1 HotM in just over 18 months of running HA10.


You’re 5 years too late GM! :joy:


Just 3.5 years ago he was still someone you had to plan your attack team around. Now, you can basically ignore him and let him fire all he wants :frowning_face:


Without the costume bonus he’s like you held your coffee cup a bit hot but it wont burn you :laughing::smiley:


Nothing to get excited about but after a long break from HA10 it took four retrains to get a non S1, I guess that’s not bad.



Elena out… Richard in… 5.5 heroes behind pace…


after 17 weeks

163rd try - 9 nons-s1 (2 dupes) and 4 costumes (3 dupes) - 38% dupes ratio


Like I say… I really do have purple luck…


My Sunday morning surprise … so it’s a nice start to the day for me …


Has anyone got a toon costume from the HA10 ? That would extremely handy if the hero already got the other two costumes. That would be great !

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I saw on FB that someone did get the Toon version. It’s possible :slight_smile:


There is one higher up in this topic


Uploading: Screenshot_20231201_074937_Empires.jpg…
My new hero​:partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Did you receive all 3 costumes for Sartana?

I’ve always been curious about this, could there be a situation where a hero has, for example, 2 costumes and the hero came out of the hero academy with 1 of the 2 costumes?

It’s not mine, I just shared the screen shot from somebody else in the thread.

However I don’t think you will get all the costumes as when 2nd costumes came out you only got one of the available costumes from retaining


HA10 gives only one costume if you are lucky, in 95% of all retrains you will get no costume…

Happy retrainings