Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Another week, another cool retrain:

I already have first costume (also from HA10) so I only need second costume for max bonus.

I will probably max her, she is solid after buff and I’m running out of purple projects.


Congratulations @Radar1 !
Someone said that she can kill any holly hero in the game when talent actives, and that cosmic HP…
I have Her, and she’s next in the queue

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I was wondering this myself. Looks like the most recently added heroes were:
Tahir, Grace, Celidana, Morax, Balur, Roughian & Nurgib

All previous HotM releases. Roughian & Nurgib (January 2023 HotM) is the newest in that list.

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Finally, Non classic hero… I hope he still relevant


One of the best retrains you can get, probably most people’s goal when retraining tbh, huge score, congrats.


I’m pretty sure they stopped added new heroes a while ago. I remember reading something about it but I don’t remember where.

He is the holy grail here! Congrats!


You’re thinking of HA5 and HA8. HA10 gets updated on a regular basis, maybe once a month or every other month.

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But just with new hotms


That and new costumes for the heroes already in HA10.

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Here is a post from Jan 4.

The only hero added since then was Roughian & Nurgib was who was the next HOTM. The list hasn’t changed in 10 months for HOTM. I think Pengi was the last non-HOTM which was almost 2 years ago.


Retrain #163-165.
#165 turned out to be a HOTM. Not that I need another Hanitra but at least she is not just another S1 hero.

#3 - Khiona ( new)
#27- Rumpelstiltskin ( new)
#32- Mitsuko (dupe)
#39- Elena Costume ( dupe)
#42- Lianna Costume ( new )
#50- Anzogh ( dupe )
#51- Elkanen Costume ( dupe )
#54- Azlar Costume ( new )
#75- Sartana Costume ( new )
#77- Sartana Costume ( dupe )
#82- Isarnia Costume ( new )
#89- Frida ( new )
#105- Justice Costume ( new )
#108- Zeline ( new )
#121- Domitia Costume #2 ( new )
#130- Sir Roostley ( dupe )
#141- Raffael ( dupe )
#150- Leonidas Costume #1 ( dupe )
#165- Hanitra ( dupe )


The person that uploaded that image said it was from November 2022, so 12 months ago. It’s not just Roughian & Nurgib that were added since then, I’m seeing 15 heroes missing from that list when you compare that image to this months:

Miki, Hanitra, Viscaro, Iris, Zagrog, Silvaria, Kara, Arfanias, Klaern, Tahir, Grace, Celidana, Morax, Balur, Roughian & Nurgib

Here’s a list from May of this year (6 months ago) if you want to add another comparison:

It’s missing 8 compared to this month:

Arfanias, Klaern, Tahir, Grace, Celidana, Morax, Balur, Roughian & Nurgib

Did you mean the list hasn’t changed in a year except for the HotM additions?

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Oh no, why did my Mr. Pengi wander into your roster? :rofl:
Congratulations :four_leaf_clover:

Hi all. Been a while.


Unfortunately Malcina is a dup.

Good luck!


Picking back up after a long time.

As best as I can tell, I’ve been 10 weeks back at it with HA 10. So now at ~145 retrains. I got a dupe Viscaro, and now this morning C2 Vivica - already had C1 levelled since around the second or third Costume Chamber summon


I’m so close to pulling the plug on this… One costume helps my heroes… But it doesn’t make them relevant.

Been a while since I posted results.

For the first hundred I got
G. Panther (dupe) but I had costume from the one I pulled so I didn’t really mind much.
Only costumes were s1.
Stopped keeping track but it’s over 200 retrains and about 2 weeks ago I went crazy spending all my saves pulls. I got 1 hotm, the purple one last month. I reached 100 and took Frida who I have been leveling. Then in the hero academy I got Aegir.

So today I collected again expecting nothing and it popped Alasie, no costume but with the result of my HA10 and pulls as a ftp I’ll take anything. I’m nowhere near the results that should be for HA10 but maybe this is the turn around… Honestly I hardly play anymore but getting a 5* is always nice.


Retrain number 160: Horghall into Leonidas.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-160 (3.1%); last non-S1 result was January 20 (dupe Hanitra)
Costumes: 4-for-123 (3.3%); last costume result was February 5 (C1 Kadilen)