Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Anyone get a new Toon costume from here yet?


I have seen an image on facebook, where someone has received a Toon costume.
So it is possible.


Someone from my alliance received a toon costume. Can confirm.


Viv… Hate this dumb feature… And i was so excited back in the day.

Week later


My viscaro gets more use than single costume sartana… For me… Uthragan feels like clarissa… And he can be nullified by hathor or a cleanser… But each hero is a personal decision.

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Retrain number 158: Obakan back into Vivica, for an extra kick in the teeth this week.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-158 (3.2%); last non-S1 result was January 20 (dupe Hanitra)
Costumes: 4-for-121 (3.3%); last costume result was February 5 (C1 Kadilen)


I already have original and c1 at 4/80 and +20, so this is a nice additional stat boost ^^


So I really haven’t posted in a while (1 3/4 years it seems). Stopped keeping track of results between good retrains and most good retrains weren’t actually good (either costumes I didn’t want or had already or duplicate heroes/those I had no plan to level). I actually think the quoted Kadelin costume was the last thing I leveled from HA10, but today was a good day.

Got her 2nd costume! I never ended up giving her those emblems last time but this time she will get them.

Maybe I’ll get her toon costume in another 2 years lol


I don’t remember last non S1 or any costume from HA but it was long ago. Today I got a nice surprise:

He should work well with my 2C Marjana


That’s a score in my eyes, EDD for purple is rare.


Congrats on the score!

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Have they added more to list of possibilities eg other seasons or do they just add the previous Hotm
Just pulled costume Magni (didnt have magni), after retraining months of dupe repeats eg vivica, Sartana, joon etc

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Well it has been 21 weeks since anything besides a Plain Jane season one hero. Hopefully tomorrow the streak ends.
Richard - Kadilen

Kadilen - Horgall

Horgall - Elkanin

Elkanin - Magni

Magni - Quintus

Horgall - Joon

Joon - Khagan

Khagan - Elkanen

Elkanen - Quintus

Quintis - Azlar

Azlar - Elena

Elena - Domitia

Domitia - Joon

Joon - Kadilen

Kadilen - Isarnia

Isarnia - Elkanen

Elkanen - Leonidas

Leonidas - Elena

Obakan - Khagan

Elena - Isarnia

Isarnia - Marjana

Marjana - ?


On my 39th & final pull from HA10, yet another Domitia.

After a dupe HotM in Chakkoszrot in my 2nd week of HA10, I’ve gotten 37 straight s1 heroes (38 of 39 total, or 97.4%). I’m done until this gets reworked. It’s a waste of hams & my time.

As for those holding strong here, I wish you all luck!

Happy gaming :cupcake: :snowman_with_snow:


i had the same conclusion unfortunately… even if you get lucky and land the 5% every week, the pool has many bad heroes.

now i run 3* troops and trainers
thinking about making it 3* and 2* troops considering the troops update


Exactly @Star150m . I’m always running HA6 (3* troops) and now running HA4 (2* troops) in place of HA10.

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Retrain number 159: Vivica into Horghall.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-159 (3.1%); last non-S1 result was January 20 (dupe Hanitra)
Costumes: 4-for-122 (3.3%); last costume result was February 5 (C1 Kadilen)


And now 22 weeks. Plain ol Marjana. Man the odds gotta get better on this :disappointed:

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My latest HA10 retrain result was a dupe C2 Joon. Would have actually been happier with a plain Leo so that I can level up a dupe C1 Leo for EDD on titans instead of having to switch costumes every time (C2 Leo is on my defence)