Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

There has been no hero other than season 1 for about 8 months :((((


Counter to Hathor/Cleo and the new green tank…
Happy gaming

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I don’t use her anymore cause she got replaced by Constance and Hanitra. But she served me well for quite some time when she was my only dodge heroine.

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Here is the 2nd pic of my results for this year. :-))


#17 09/07/2022 Grazul 2019 HOTM
#24 27/08/2022 Malosi 2020 HOTM
#26 10/09/2022 Malosi 2020 HOTM
#39 10/12/2022 c1Justice New Costume
#47 28/01/2023 Viscaro 2022 HOTM
#92 26/08/2023 Seshat 2019 HOTM, Dupe
#94 02/09/2023 c1Justice Dupe Costume from HA10, WTF

My alt acc got the most useless S1 costume again, WTF


I had to wait 10 months to get a non S1…

Frida is new :heart_eyes: in my roster


Amazing retraining. Congrats my friend.



After 20 weeks of nothing

Not sure I’ll level her, but beating the odds feels good :sweat_smile:

# Hero In Hero Out Note
3 Domitia #2 Red Hood New Non-S1
9 Khagan #2 Perseus New Non-S1
10 Khagan #3 Mitsuko New Non-S1
24 Khagan #5 cHorghall New Costume
31 Quintus #4 Sir Roostley New Non-S1
38 Vivica #4 Morgan Le Fay New Non-S1
54 Elena #5 Vanda New Non-S1
74 Magni #7 Natalya New Non-S1
Success Retrains %
Non-S1 7 74 9.46
Costume 1 67 1.49

HA10 seems to like giving me Fire Non-S1s


That’s great… But she’s going to be in fated… So unless you want two… I’d personally be annoyed.

Well, that cost me a week for nothing, as my TC 20 did not deliver, so I was not able to grab Kravekrush. Of course, Sartana popped about four days after SE. :rage: Restarted HA10 with Elkanen last Saturday.

Retrain number 150: Elkanen into Khagan. So, pretty much the usual. As I already have both costumes for Sartana, I tossed her in and kept Khagan, whose costumes I would like to get.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-150 (3.3%); last non-S1 result was January 20 (dupe Hanitra)
Costumes: 4-for-113 (3.5%); last costume result was February 5 (C1 Kadilen)

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It’s been a year since I leveled something I got something special from HA.

Date # In Out % Special Weeks since special Leveled
7/6/2021 8 Justice Yunan 12.5% 8
8/31/2021 16 Justice Joon + costume 12.5% 8 x
11/2/2021 25 Marjana Kageburado 12.0% 9 x
11/9/2021 26 Kadilen Alberich 15.4% 1 x
12/28/2021 33 Justice Richard + costume 15.2% 7 x
3/1/2022 42 Azlar Queen of Hearts 14.3% 9 x
4/5/2022 47 Elkanen Sartana + costume 14.9% 5 x
5/26/2022 54 Vivica Elena + costume 14.8% 7 x
7/14/2022 61 Joon Aeron 14.8% 7
7/28/2022 63 Lianna Drake Fong 15.9% 2 x
9/8/2022 69 Thorne Horghall + costume 15.9% 6
1/13/2023 87 Lianna Natalya 13.8% 18
2/24/2023 93 Joon Queen of Hearts 14.0% 6
4/7/2023 99 Thorne Isarnia + C2 14.1% 6
4/21/2023 101 Leonidas Horghall + C2 14.9% 2
9/17/2023 122 Joon Alasie 13.1% 21

I generally believe in putting yourself in a win-win situation. In this case, I took Quintin from SE in part because my best blue sniper is Sonya. Well HA gives me a second blue sniper in a week.

She’s definitely past her prime, but mana debuffs and solid depth heroes are welcome.
Maybe I can use her with Drake (my only other 2018 HOTM), but the elemental link is negligble. Now had the gods decided to shine on me and given me her costume, then she would become one of my top heroes. Oh well.


That is an awesome retrain, congratulations.

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Very nice @Ruskin505 I’d love to get her.


#3 11/12/2021 Mr. Pengi (Xmas hero)
#29 11/06/2022 c1Quintus Dupe
#31 25/06/2022 Grazul 2019 HOTM
#34 16/07/2022 c1Magni New costume to me
#37 06/08/2022 Alasie 2018 HOTM
#42 10/09/2022 Ursena New S2
#49 30/10/2022 King Arthur Knights of Avalon
#63 04/02/2023 Delilah 2018 HOTM
#72 08/04/2023 cSanta Claus (Xmas hero)
#79 27/05/2023 c1Richard New costume to me but useless
#80 03/06/2023 c2Kadilen New costume to me
#90 12/08/2023 Kara 2022 HOTM
#95 16/09/2023 c1Sartana New Costume to me

My main acc got new S1 costume but not much interest to ascend her unless getting the c2 costume in future.


Sartana in , magni out.
No costume


Academy keeps bullying me. I think its been like 5 months or more now.

Elena out. Wouldn’t mind her 2nd costume.

Elena in.

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Retrain number 151: Khagan into Kadilen.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-151 (3.3%); last non-S1 result was January 20 (dupe Hanitra)
Costumes: 4-for-114 (3.5%); last costume result was February 5 (C1 Kadilen)


Obakan… F’n obakan…


I forget to share my wins here. May as well share em now. I estimate I’ve done close to 150 retrains. I’ll start with my oldest (& yes, the number indicates which retrain I suspect it is):

In 2021
  • Alasie (new)
  • Mok-Arr (my 6th)
  • C. Thorne (new)

Twas a rough HA year, as Alasie was the only thing I received that I was excited about, simply as she was one of the few HOTM I was missing. Made for a tough start, as I began below odds :pensive:

In 2022
  • C. Quintus (new)
  • Aegir (my second)
  • C. Sartana (my third)
  • C. Horghall (new)

Another seemingly rough year, with another below odds year, too. However, soon I’ll look back on one of these retrains in favor… :heart_eyes:

Now, in 2023…

  • C. Elena (new)

  • C. Isarnia (new)

  • Guinevere (my 2nd)

Then, the end of July:
  • C2. Quintus (new)

Probably the biggest win I could hope for (aside from Pengi), and especially special, as HA gave me his first costume a year and a half prior. Therefore, I can have my C2. Quintus at full power all thanks to HA10 :smiling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And just last HA:
  • C2. Elkanen (new)

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my C2. Elkanen… There are only four S1 where I’m missing their original costume, and ofc he’s one :roll_eyes: so while I was a bit excited at first - to get not only a new costume - but a secondary one at that… but without the first, I doubt I’ll ever get a chance to make use of him :pensive: Such a bummer, as he’s got great art.

In Closing ~

So least this year is finally ending on a slightly higher note - with more positive results already than I’ve seen in either of the past two years prior. Not to mention, one even being one of the top coveted retrains from HA, as Quintus’s second costume hasn’t even been featured in Costume Chamber yet. Although, I am still below odds in total… but at least in costumes, I’m above, and that’s where the good retrains are (imo) :sunglasses:

Though, I’ve gotta say: it’s quite annoying how unlikely it is to pull a non-S1 in the first place, let alone the bonus costume on top to make em usable… as most without their costume aren’t really useable in today’s meta. So that means, there are very few non-S1 [likely] retrains that are even worth a damn, unfortunately. Besides Pengi, idk if there’s anyone amazing I ever hope to [realistically] see in my HA… Ofc , who wouldn’t wanna be so lucky to get someone like C. Ariel, C. Perseus, C. Hel, etc?! … but I know that :poop: will never happen to lil ole unucky me :sweat_smile::rofl:

They really need to update the pool of heroes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But least - for the first time in nearly three years - I’m finally feeling a bit satisfied with this stupidly expensive building :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: