Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Khagan became a magni, second magni of re-training and 5 in total, he enters the academy, to see what he becomes in 7 days, luckily it will not be another magni


Training number 10 on a rainy Monday.

Quintus in, Domitia out. Domitia back in since I already have 2.

10 week summary:

|1| Leonidas into Elkanen
|2| Elkanen into King Arthur
|3| Sartana into Horghall
|4| Horghall into Thorne
|5| Thorne into Sartana
|6| Sartana into Quintus
|7| Quintus into Horghall
|8| Horghall into Marjana
|9| Leonidas into Lianna
|10| Quintus into Domitia
|11| Domitia into ???

Personal RoR is 10% (had to wait for the easy math).

See you in a week.


So the penance for Kunchen (dupe) continues - and still getting the same heroes I don’t even consider. Elknanen came out, Elkanen went in.

Horghall -> Richard
Horghall -> Domitia
Quintus -> Isarnia
Quintus -> Kadilen
Kadilen -> Horghall
Horghall -> Elkanen
Elkanen -> Kunchen
Quintus -> Sartana
Quintus -> Horghall
Horghall -> Elkanen
Elkanen -> nothing to see here


Funny. I guess we have similar experiences with Ares. He was my premier tank since the last quarter of 2018 up to the time I maxed Telluria in mid March 2020, stripping the God of War of his emblems. I still use Ares but only in my 2nd monored team in wars, flanked by my 2 Gravemakers.

I went into this needing Isarnia, Horghall, Domitia, Khagan, and Joon from Season 1 plus a ton of the 5% heroes.

Date In Hero In Hero Out
10/31/20 Quintus #4 Azlar #5
11/07/20 Azlar #5 Horghall #1
11/14/20 Thorne #4 Richard #5
11/21/20 Richard #5 TBA



2nd week was not as good as the 1st (mok-arr) but it was a new hero

A new hero that will sit on the bench at 1.1

Now only missing Azlar out of s1 heros


Third retraining finished!

Well, I tried to avoid the :fire: red color by inputing a :purple_circle: purple hero… Guess it didn´t work! :roll_eyes: :rofl:

  1. Elena in > Azlar out
  2. Azlar in > Marjana out
  3. Obakan in > Elena out
  4. Elena in > …

does finishing level 10 allow THREE training options or are we limited to two?

Just 2 training is possible.


My 1st retraining.
Domitia in Guin out. :roll_eyes:.


ratz to run 10 you have cut down troop production. :roll_eyes:

  1. Elena -> Magni (20.09.2020)
  2. Domitia -> Justice (27.09.2020)
  3. Justice -> Vivica (04.10.2020)
  4. Elkanen -> Khagan (11.10.2020)
  5. Richard -> Justice (18.10.2020)
  6. Justice -> KADILEN (25.10.2020) My first Kadilen :star_struck:
  7. Leonidas -> Marjana (01.11.2020)
  8. Magni -> JOON (08.11.2020) My first Joon :star_struck:
  9. Horghall -> MITSUKO (15.11.2020) First Non S1 Hero :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
  10. Elena -> Marjana (22.11.2020)
  11. Vivica -> ?

Oooh, congrats on Mitsuko, she has become such an important special purpose hero for me, reflecting the blues! With the previous 5* buff booster no green, all-blue tournament she was a stalwart part of my team, happily reflecting the Vela’s and Finley’s. Her big moment came when I played against a team with both Vela and Finley. They loaded their mana up at the exact same time, and suicided in the same turn firing against Mitsuko’s riposte. I definitely underestimated her when she first came out with Atlantis. Know I wish I had two of them for the war against Telly tanks, who often brings Vela on the flank.



Is this some Where’s Wally kind of game? :rofl:

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here are my statistics:

Obakan => Magni
Magni =>Poséidon (very happy)
Isarnia => Khagan
Khagan => Justice
Justice => Khagan
Khagan => Kadilén ( my first)
Thorne ==> Vivica
Justice ==> Elena (my first)
Isarnia ==> Joon
Elena ==> Thorne
Thorne ==>



Second retrain result:

Quintus ==> Justice

Duplicate. Back into the hopper. Still missing generics: Elena, Isarnia, Lianna, Marjana, & Vivica. I’m picturing an all girl rock group.


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