Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Retrain #121, Domitia with her 2nd Costume. :star_struck:

I already own the first costume, so maybe now it’s time to max Domitia ( she was my first legendary purple hero to receive but never made it past 3/70).

#3 - Khiona ( new)
#27- Rumpelstiltskin ( new)
#32- Mitsuko (dupe)
#39- Elena Costume ( dupe)
#42- Lianna Costume ( new )
#50- Anzogh ( dupe )
#51- Elkanen Costume ( dupe )
#54- Azlar Costume ( new )
#75- Sartana Costume ( new )
#77- Sartana Costume ( dupe )
#82- Isarnia Costume ( new )
#89- Frida ( new )
#105- Justice Costume ( new )
#108- Zeline ( new )
#121- Domitia Costume #2 ( new )


Definitely worth it, shes one of the best EDD heros in the game, im hoping i get he 2nd costume as i have her abd her 1st costume maxed. Your luck with ha10 is amazing

# In Out Whatever
1 Groot1 Magni S1
2 Groot2 Justice S1
3 Groot3 Quintus S1
4 Groot4 Elena S1
5 Groot5 Justice S1
6 Justice2 Leonidas S1
7 Leonidas2 Kaghan S1
8 Kaghan2 Azlar S1
9 Elena3 Marjana S1
10 Obakan2 Quintus S1
11 Quintus2 Joon S1
12 Kadilen2 Azlar S1
13 Azlar 2 Kaghan S1
14 Kaghan 3 Leo S1
15 Leo 2 Anzog HOTM
16 Elena Groot S1
17 Groot Elkanen S1
18 Elk 3 Joon S1
19 Joon 3 Kadilen S1
20 Kadilen Elena S1
21 Elena Quintus S1
22 Quintus Justice S1
23 Justice Dom S1
24 Dom Justice S1
25 Justice Elkanen S1
Shut Down h10 and moved to troops
Got troops to 26, so resuming the HA 10
26 Elk Sartana S1
27 Sartana Kadilen S1
Went back to running troops Set it up for the next 28 days.
28 Kadilen Magni S1
29 Sartana 3 Marjana S1
30 Sartana 4 Magni S1
31 Magni Lianna S1
32 Khagan Sartana +Costume
33 Sartana Azlar S1
34 Azlar Isarnia S1
35 Elena Justice S1
36 Justice Kadilen S1
37 Kadilen Rumplestiltskin Event
38 Kadilen Isarnia S1
39 Isarnia Kaghan S1
40 Kaghan Obakan S1
41 Obakan Sartana S1
42 Sartana Quintus S1
43 Quintus Isarnia S1
44 Isarnia Quintus S1
45 Quintus Anzog HOTM(Already pulled at 15th change, Meh)
46 Magni Marjana S1
47 Marjana Elena S1
48 Elena Quintus S1
49 Quintus Joon S1
50 Joon Elkanen S1
51 Elkanen Elena S1
52 Elena Quintus S1
53 Quintus RIchard S1
54 Richard Kaghan +Costume ( No mats so…)
55 Kaghan Obakan S1
56 Obakan Kadilan S1
57 Groot Richard S1
58 Richard Kadilan S1
59 Kadilan Thorne S1
60 Thorne Justice S1
61 Justice Groot S1
62 Groot Richard S1
63 Richard Joon S1
64 Joon Thorne S1
65 Thorne Lianna S1
66 Lianna Azlar +Costume New
67 Azlar Quintus S1
68 Quintus Isarnia S1
69 Isarnia Quintus S1
70 Quintus Sartana +Costume Double dupe
71 Sartana Obakan S1
72 Obakan Elkanen S1
73 Elkanen Quintus S1
74 Quintus Marjana S1
75 Domitia Vivica +Costume New
76 Vivica Richard S1
77 Richard Obakan S1
78 Obakan Elkenen S1
79 Elkenen Magni S1
80 Kaghan Joon S1
81 Joon Azlar S1
82 Azlar Justice S1
83 Justice Sartana S1
84 Sartana Elena S1
85 Elena Quintus S1
86 Quintus Azlar S1
87 Azlar Richard S1
88 Richard Domitia S1
89 Domitia Lianna S1
90 Lianna Groot S1
91 Groot Leonidas S1
92 Leonidas Quintus S1
93 Quintus Thorne S1
94 Thorne Leonidas S1
95 Leonidas Alasie HOTM No costume
96 Azlar Sartana S1
97 Sartana Richard S1
98 Richard Azlar S1
99 Azlar Kaghan S1
100 Kaghan Thorne S1
101 Thorne Lianna S1
102 Lianna (in)Justice S1
103 Justice Obakan S1
104 Obakan Richard S1
105 Richard Sartana S1
106 Sartana Rumplestiltskin Event
107 Rumplestiltskin Groot + Costume 1 New
108 Groot Isarnia S1
109 Isarnia Azlar S1
110 Azlar Groot S1
# In Out Whatever
15 Leo 2 Anzog HOTM
32 Khagan Sartana +Costume
37 Kadilen Rumplestiltskin Event
45 Quintus Anzog HOTM(Already pulled at 15th change, Meh)
54 Richard Kaghan +Costume
66 Lianna Azlar +Costume New
70 Quintus Sartana +Costume Double dupe
75 Domitia Vivica +Costume New
95 Leonidas Alasie HOTM No costume
106 Sartana Rumplestiltskin Event Dupe
107 Rumplestiltskin Groot + Costume 1 New
110 Azlar Groot S1

This is my last ha10 for an eon or 2. Between fated & SE in last 6 months i have gotten ludwig, seshat & soon the green squirrel (it fills a need for a 5* green healer i somehow don’t have after 3 1/2 years of playing). 60+ weeks of HA10 retrains got me a dupe jean francois, neith, C kadi and perseus.

It is painfully obvious that HA10 has been an utter waste for me compared to SE & Fated in twice the amount of time. I’d rather train 2 sets of troop feeders using all the excess iron i collect then waste the food on another s1.

I wish everyone the best of luck in the quest for a non-s1 retrain.


You mean sickening? Maybe not… But here i am 4 heroes below pace… Just grumbling under my breath.


Retrain number 117: Khagan into HANITRA! Oh, wait. I already have Hanitra. Really, RNG? Thirty S5 pulls last night with no five-stars - not even the HotM - and now this? Talk about kicking a dude when he’s down. Still, a dupe Hanitra is more useful than Horghall, so he went into the chipper for now.

Non-S1 heroes: 5-for-117 (4.3%)
Costumes: 3-for-80 (3.8%)


I really like hanitra… But i haven’t used her lately. So my 3.70 dupe is definitely getting soul exchanged…


My yellows are loaded, so my first one is still at 3^70. She showed great potential in the yellow Contest of Elements, though, and she’ll get strong consideration for my next set of darts.


I did 20 retraining so far,
all season 1,
Got costume sartana which is a dupe…
Im still positive that I can pull something useful from HA10 :pray:




Congratulations. I’d love to get him even if he is without costume


Retrain 75 and it’s my fourth costume (shame they only come with one):grin:.

That’s four costumes and two HOTM now and possibly C Roc retiring


I’m now back to my 15 limit of duplicates and plan to save those for Soul Exchange, if the next one has any interesting heroes I’d like to get.

A week later, the game gave me Xiaotu (through a Mystic Vision EHT) and now, Evelyn!


It was a very good week.

Enjoy Evelyn and Xiaotu


Ditto… Got lianna… At some point I’m going to get out of this abusive relationship.


Oh well. Good luck everyone! :four_leaf_clover:


I’ve only just started doing this one. This is my 4th retrain

Very happy and very surprised


Wow! Congratulations!!


Currently not retraining doing troops and trainers


Unfortunately i already have her :frowning_face: