Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

  1. Khagan #5 => Sartana #1. Stoked to finally have a dark sniper.
  2. Khagan # 4 => Lianna #3. Hopefully this is part of a sniper theme - still waiting on Magni to show his handsome face.
  3. Richard #3 => Justice #3. Still have not ascended Justice #1 and will await her costume before moving her up in the queue. Back in you go.
  4. Justice #3 => Magni #1 - thanks for coming to the roster. I think there is a predilection for HA10 to provide missing S1 heroes from what I seen on this thread. Someone with more interest can actually do the stats to see if true. Still missing Quintus and Thorne.
  5. Elena #3 => ???

I have not tried yet but I take it as " most likely you get S1 hero"
Is that right?

Correct 95% of the time, the results should be S1 heroes. I have noticed on this thread that people missing certain S1 heroes appear to get those missing heroes at a higher chance than the 5% (95% / 19 other S1 heroes from the one I put in for retraining) of time that would be dictated by random chance if each of the 20 S1 heroes had an equal chance. For me, I was missing four S1 heroes, so a 20% overall chance of getting a hero that I was missing. Once I got slSartana on the first retrain, I had a 15% overall chance of getting one of the three remaining missing S1 heroes. Definitely within the realm of RNG, but it seemed that quite a few posts on this thread talked about getting missing S1 heroes during the first few retrains.

This is just conjecture without any hard data to back it up. This could also be sampling bias bc those ppl not excited by what they are getting on retraining may not report their results on the thread. We would need a larger dataset / just wanted to make an observation.


The new hero its Elkanen.


I lost track of how many re-trainings I’ve done but they’re around 7/8 and all were garbage but the last one - Isarnia > Magni; finally got him. However, next set of scopes goes to Glenda when I get around to her otherwise he would’ve been next.

I just realize that this Ares means I can finally use healer in Trials of Serenity :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Those are my results so far. Got Elena today :pensive:


More than 10 retrains - still only S1 heroes


Hey guys! I just wanted to Share my progress and let E1 know I’m still grinding this out. I hope to be ready to have my 1st hero churning by December 24th… ISH
Food storages are on their way up!
Love seeing the results of E1’s re-trainings! Im excited to reach the destination, and I’m happy to be on the journey!


So, I haven’t been following along too much about this building but it looks like there’s a possibility for HoTM draws as well? Is that correct?

Yes, there is a 5% chance to draw old HOTM, S2 and old event heroes. :slight_smile:

Oh snap! So happy I can start trying this building out in an hour. I realize it will take a week to transform, but next Sunday I cant wait to see what I can get for my 5th sartana, or my 5th Elena, or my 4th quintus, or my 4th Horghall, or my…

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Be aware that retraining 5 star heroes is the tenth level on this building. So you have to build it up first. The research for the last level takes 14 days. You also need all iron and food storages at max level (including the advanced ones), and you need enough houses to have room for 300 recruits. Oh yes, and of course one retraining (with a 5% chance at getting a non-S1-5 star hero) takes 7 days.

If you want an example to redress the balance… here I am! I was missing Lianna, Marjana, Kadilen and Khagan before HA. Below are my my retrains so far :unamused:

Screenshot 2020-11-22 154616


Looks like my observation may be just RNG being RNG. Thank you for bringing balance to the force.

Since I am only “missing” Quintus and Thorne, I bequeath my luck to you for the next few restrains ;). May it bring you Lianna and Marjana in short order.

You have one Adv storage still at lvl1, your projection would be realistically around end of Jan 2021 to early Feb 2021.
Assuming all Houses for recruits are maxed, then all adv storage barns must be levl 10 ; HA10 research =>14days, plus 7days retraining.

Just realized I missed one. Fixed my list.

:hash: Input Output Total Limited Total S1 Percent Limited
1 Elkanen Thorne 0 1 0
2 Thorne Quintus 0 2 0
3 Quintus Obakan 0 3 0
4 Obakan Vivica 0 4 0
5 Obakan Richard 0 5 0
6 Richard Thorne 0 6 0
7 Thorne Sartana 0 7 0
8 Richard Horghall 0 8 0

Justice --> isarnia
Isarnia–> vivica

Leonidas --> marj
Marj --> Kadilen
Kadilen —> next week


My first retraining


8 hit


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