Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Yearly update for my C2P account. The things I pay for on this account is VIP and Path of Valor, but only if I reach the 4* ascension mats, which is not every time. It’s in a small alliance, so I don’t get very far in the titan killing challenges like the current one, where you have to kill higher and higher titans. The best we do is kill 4 stars, so that loses out on a lot of points.

HA10 has been quite kind to this account.

First year of running has given me the following non S1 heroes:

Neith (maxed and limitbroken, on defense team)
Rumpelstiltskin (maxed)
Thorne+costume (1/1)
Alasie (maxed)
Richard+costume (dupe, have 1 maxed)
Alice (maxed)

It seems the game thought my blues needed beefing up, with 5 blues in a row. Not at all complaining, but wouldn’t hate a red project.

I’ve had time to max most of those blues, since the last one I got was in April.

Best of luck to all in this roulette of luck.



And Azlar right back in. I seem to be on a Red Run of late.


#3 11/12/2021 Mr. Pengi (Xmas hero)
#29 11/06/2022 cQuintus Dupe
#31 25/06/2022 Grazul 2019 HOTM
#34 16/07/2022 cMagni New costume
#37 06/08/2022 Alasie 2018 HOTM

Although without costume, she is still useful but currently ascending LoLo to 4/80 with only 8 telescopes left and hv Morel (1/1), Alex(3/70) and Sobek (1/1) waiting. I already hv Cobalt and she may be the next one.


I have to stop retraining for a while, so here are my retraining results updated. From #28~#34. There were 2 non S1 heroes. One is new, and the other is a dupe. (BTW, only 5 screenshots possible at a time.)

Hero Academy Level 10 Retraining Results

  1. (Apr. 2021) Quintus into Joon
  2. (Apr. 2021) Quintus into Joon
  3. (Apr. 2021) Horghall into Miki (dupe)
  4. (Nov. 2021) Russell into Joon
  5. (Nov. 2021) Joon into Sartana
  6. (Nov. 2021) Sartana into Obakan
  7. (Nov. 2021) Obakan into Elkanen
  8. (Dec. 2021) Magni into Isarnia
  9. (Dec. 2021) Isarnia into Horghall
  10. (Dec. 2021) Horghall into Leonidas
  11. (Dec. 2021) Leonidas into Costumed Horghall (dupe)
  12. (Jan. 2022) Horghall into Lianna
  13. (Jan. 2022) Frosth into Isarnia
  14. (Jan. 2022) Isarnia into Azlar
  15. (Jan. 2022) Azlar into Isarnia
  16. (Jan. 2022) Isarnia into Khagan
  17. (Feb. 2022) Vivica into Isarnia
  18. (Mar. 2022) Magni into Obakan
  19. (Mar. 2022) Obakan into Domitia
  20. (Mar. 2022) Elena into Azlar
  21. (Apr. 2022) Quintus into Azlar
  22. (Apr. 2022) Azlar into Magni
  23. (Apr. 2022) Azlar into Richard
  24. (Apr. 2022) Richard into Vivica
  25. (May 2022) Quintus into Obakan
  26. (May 2022) Richard into Justice
  27. (June 2022) Magni into Joon
  28. (June 2022) Joon into Gregorion (new)
  29. (June 2022) Azlar into Magni
  30. (June 2022) Zagrog into Lianna
  31. (July 2022) Zagrog into Perseus (dupe)
  32. (July 2022) Zagrog into Richard
  33. (July 2022) Zagrog into Khagan
  34. (July 2022) Russell into Leonidas

Another week, another nothing. This time, I received Leonidas, but he was already in my collection, so I am not keeping him.

Pull # In Out Comment
1 Justice Sargasso New
2 Justice Magni Duplicate
3 Magni Khagan Duplicate
4 Khagan Elkanen Duplicate
5 Elkanen Musashi New
6 Richard Horghall Duplicate
7 Horghall Khagan Duplicate
8 Khagan Sartana New
9 Justice Lianna Duplicate
10 Lianna Justice Duplicate
11 Justice Horghall Duplicate
12 Horghall Leonidas Duplicate

Non season 1 heroes 2 from 85, 2,3 %
Costumes 0 from 50 and something 0 %

Still not see the 5%, time to write again to supprt