Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

I just started putting emblems on her. I like her cb side better than the costume for the ease of getting her functionally fast and the dispell (which is harder to find than cleanse for me). She’s not incredible, but is functional now for m in wars where I need a dispelled not named Devana.


IMO this depends on your roster (where you are strong or weak) and your emblem situation. Leonidas and Viv both have emblems and see playing time for me because my holy is weak. Richard (who was my first tank long ago) is about to get emblemed again because I have an excess of paladin emblems currently.

Also, if you have the troops/emblems to get the average speed heroes to functionally fast, that makes a huge difference.

I know it is early… Way too early… But are season 1 costumes 2.0 going to be available in the ha10?

initial statement is yes so far :slight_smile:


I guess it is a good thing that i haven’t gotten much in nearly 80 exchanges… My regression to the mean will give me some decent costumes… Or repeats and sadness.

Hi! I have started for a very short time.
51th Retrain: No

52th retrain! Wow ! I am happy. A hotm, is decent and I can to make a bonus family in offensive. The atack on the board, is not a joke. And the Dodge is welcome.

So, I don’t have another dupes, and I will make another pause! Good luck everyone!


I have completed my eight training. I got Thorne dupe.

I was lucky during Challenge event. I got HOTM with a single pull.

I have Arfanias and Angozh to level. So, I am going to have break form HA10 for a while and focus on troop.

Missing S1 Hero’s

Khagan (TC20)
Obakan (HA10)
Sartana (TC20)
Quintus (cQuintus costume chamber)
Horghall (HA10)

  1. Kadilen to Obakan (New)
  2. Marjana to Horghall (New, previous copies feed to SE)
  3. Leonidas to Obakan (Dupe)
  4. Obakan to Zocc (Dupe)
  5. Marjana to Elena (Dupe)
  6. Elena to Anzogh (New)
  7. Magni to Richard (Dupe)
  8. Richard to Thorne

Retrain number 92 : Justice Costume (NEW)

It’s my 4th Costume from HA10. My next set of darts will go to Vivica C so Justice will have to wait.

-- My stats after 92 retrains :
+Non S1 : 5.43 %
+Costumes : 7.55 %

--------------- YEAR 2 ----------------

92 : C. JUSTICE - S1 Costume (NEW)
80 : C. ELKANEN - S1 Costume (NEW)
75 : MIKI - HotM (NEW)
73 : C. LEONIDAS - S1 Costume (NEW)

--------------- YEAR 1 ----------------

52 : C. KHAGAN - S1 Costume (NEW)
45 : SARGASSO - Challenge event (NEW)
39 : RED HOOD - Challenge event (NEW)
31 : ANZOGH - HotM (NEW)
23 : TARLAK - S2 (NEW)


Congrats on your C-Justice @Ranvir! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


#55 khagan out

See you next week :crossed_fingers:

  1. Quintus → Justice
  2. Justice → Marjana
  3. Marjana → Thorne
  4. Thorne → Marjana
  5. Marjana → Sartana
  6. Sartana → Horghall
  7. Horghall → Isarnia
  8. Isarnia → Domitia
  9. Domitia → Isarnia
  10. Isarnia → Richard
  11. Richard → cThorne (dupe!)
  12. Thorne → Vivica
  13. Vivica → Richard
  14. Richard → Leonidas
  15. Leonidas → Isarnia
  16. Isarnia → Elkanen
  17. Elkanen → Elena
  18. Elena → cQuintus (new)
  19. Quintus → Marjana
  20. Marjana → Elkanen
  21. Elkanen → Kadilen
  22. Kadilen → Elena
  23. Elena → Elkanen
  24. Elkanen → cLeonidas (new)
  25. Elkanen → ???

Finally something worth keeping! :partying_face:


A Guardian Kong popped out of HA10- unfortunately he is a dupe… in line for the next soul exchange…

Total: 77 retrains- thats more than a year of doing this…
Got me 7 S1 heroes that i didnt have before
Got me Morgan Le Fey on week1
Grimble on week39
Ursena on week47
Killhare on week70

Took 4 weeks off to retrain troops

G. Kong on week81 retrain77

# In Out Whatever
1 Groot1 Magni S1
2 Groot2 Justice S1
3 Groot3 Quintus S1
4 Groot4 Elena S1
5 Groot5 Justice S1
6 Justice2 Leonidas S1
7 Leonidas2 Kaghan S1
8 Kaghan2 Azlar S1
9 Elena3 Marjana S1
10 Obakan2 Quintus S1
11 Quintus2 Joon S1
12 Kadilen2 Azlar S1
13 Azlar 2 Kaghan S1
14 Kaghan 3 Leo S1
15 Leo 2 Anzog HOTM
16 Elena Groot S1
17 Groot Elkanen S1
18 Elk 3 Joon S1
19 Joon 3 Kadilen S1
20 Kadilen Elena S1
21 Elena Quintus S1
22 Quintus Justice S1
23 Justice Dom S1
24 Dom Justice S1
25 Justice Elkanen S1
Shut Down h10 and moved to troops
Got troops to 26, so resuming the HA 10
26 Elk Sartana S1
27 Sartana Kadilen S1
Went back to running troops Set it up for the next 28 days.
28 Kadilen Magni S1
29 Sartana 3 Marjana S1
30 Sartana 4 Magni S1
31 Magni Lianna S1
32 Khagan Sartana +Costume
33 Sartana Azlar S1
34 Azlar Isarnia S1
35 Elena Justice S1
36 Justice Kadilen S1
37 Kadilen Rumplestiltskin Event
38 Kadilen Isarnia S1
39 Isarnia Kaghan S1
40 Kaghan Obakan S1
41 Obakan Sartana S1
42 Sartana Quintus S1
43 Quintus Isarnia S1
44 Isarnia Quintus S1
45 Quintus Anzog HOTM(Already pulled at 15th change, Meh)
46 Magni Marjana S1
47 Marjana Elena S1
48 Elena Quintus S1
49 Quintus Joon S1
50 Joon Elkanen S1
51 Elkanen Elena S1
52 Elena Quintus S1
53 Quintus RIchard S1
54 Richard Kaghan +Costume ( No mats so…)
55 Kaghan Obakan S1
56 Obakan Kadilan S1
57 Groot Richard S1
58 Richard Kadilan S1
59 Kadilan Thorne S1
60 Thorne Justice S1
61 Justice Groot S1
62 Groot Richard S1
63 Richard Joon S1
64 Joon Thorne S1
65 Thorne Lianna S1
66 Lianna Azlar +Costume New
67 Azlar Quintus S1
68 Quintus Isarnia S1
69 Isarnia Quintus S1
70 Quintus Sartana +Costume Double dupe
71 Sartana Obakan S1
72 Obakan Elkanen S1
73 Elkanen Quintus S1
74 Quintus Marjana S1
75 Domitia Vivica +Costume New
76 Vivica Richard S1
77 Richard Obakan S1
78 Obakan Elkenen S1
79 Elkenen Magni S1
80 Kaghan

Week 15 - Magni costume :blue_heart:

I have a maxed Magni, so the costume is welcome


Congrats on your C-Magni @Luna! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


Retrain #90 & #91… only S1.

#3 - Khiona ( new)
#27- Rumpelstiltskin ( new)
#32- Mitsuko (dupe)
#39- Elena Costume ( dupe)
#42- Lianna Costume ( new )
#50- Anzogh ( dupe )
#51- Elkanen Costume ( dupe )
#54- Azlar Costume ( new )
#75- Sartana Costume ( new )
#77- Sartana Costume ( dupe )
#82- Isarnia Costume ( new )
#89- Frida ( new )


Now has been half a year since the last special retrain, Hopeful something comes out soon but likley going to be awhile

Currently 4/68 with non season 1 heroes

Currently 1/50 with bonus costume

Currently 5/118 for total draws

Weeks since the last costume or non S1: 26

Number Hero in Hero out Costume Note
1 Joon Elkenan New s1
2 Azlar Richard New s1
3 Khagan Kadilen New s1
4 Marjana Dominita New s1
5 Joon Richard S1
6 Richard Vivica S1
7 Vivica Horghall New s1
8 Horghall Dominita S1
9 Dominita Justice New s1
10 Elkanen Lianna S1
11 Lianna Leonidas New s1
12 Joon Azlar S1
13 Azlar Magni S1
14 Magni Quintus New s1
15 Sartana Horghall S1
16 Horghall Justice S1
17 Justice Elkanen No Costumes added
18 Elkanen Joon No S1
19 Joon Obakan No S1
20 Okakan Rana No New :cherries:seasonal
21 Quintus Thorne No New s1
22 Justice Zeline N/A New :peach:Hotm
23 Elkanen Marjana No S1
24 Marjana Dominita No S1
25 Dominita Marjana No S1
26 Marjana Vivica No S1
27 Vivica Horghall No S1
28 Horghall Lianna No S1
29 Lianna Elkanen No S1
30 Thorne Leonidas No S1
31 Leonidas Dominita No S1
32 Dominita Elena No S1
33 Elena Sartana No S1
34 Sartana Inari N/A New :lemon: S2
35 Insarna Azalar No S1
36 Azalar Joon No S1
37 Joon Leo No S1
38 Leo Dominita No S1
39 Dominita Horghall No S1
40 Magni Gregorion N/A New :green_apple: HOTM
41 Vivica Sartana Yes! New :coffee:costume
42 Sartana Thorne No S1
43 Thorne Richard No S1
44 Richard Joon No S1
45 Joon Vivica No S1
46 Vivica Marjana No S1
47 Marjana Elkanen No S1
48 Elkanen Quintus No S1
49 Magni Sartana No S1
50 Sartana Kadilen No S1
51 Kadilen Magni No S1
52 Magni Dominita No S1
53 Dominita Azlar No S1
54 Azlar Quintus No S1
55 Quintus Richard No S1
56 Richard Vivica No S1
57 Vivica Elena No S1
58 Elena Richard No S1
59 Richard Leo No S1
60 Leo Sartana No S1
61 Sartana Magni No S1
62 Magni Lianna No S1
63 Lianna Insarna No S1
64 Insarna Richard No S1
65 Richard Dominita No S1
66 Dominita Azlar No S1
67 Azlar Lianna No S1
68 Lianna ???

4 months straight = 4 S1 costumes- Kadilen; Leo; Vivica; Lianna….no non S1 heroes :man_shrugging:t2:




I last updated on my HA10 retrainings back in June 2021. Previously, I was lucky to get a non-S1 hero straight off the bat with Natalya as my first retraining, then Azlar’s King of the Leors costume at #17. Continuing from that, I am posting only the significant results of the retrainings since (roughly a year’s worth).

#34, Vivica’s costume (dupe)
#35, Red Hood (Event hero, new!)
#38, Neith (HotM, dupe)
#42, Khagan’s costume (new!)
#51, Mitsuko (S2, dupe)
#54, Ursena (S2, dupe)
#68, Zocc (HotM, dupe)
#69, The Hatter (Event, new!)

Non-S1 heroes, ~10.3%; costumes, ~4.2%.

So far, I have been quite lucky with a higher-than-average rate of retraining non-S1 heroes, although many of them were duplicates (and I am still missing so many HotMs and event heroes!). But I am still more than happy to get any new hero or costume. I am especially pleased with my newest retrained hero, The Hatter, fresh from the HA this morning, as he will be such a fun hero to play with.