Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

@gcheng668 see here:

It’s in German but you should be able to figure out who they are ^^


I’ve only done between 6-8 retrains and have gotten Clarissa and Costume Obakan. Lucky pulls so far.


Isarnia to Horghall
Horghall to Isarnia (wasted 2 weeks)
Isarnia Lianna
Vivica … Justice
Justice … Costume isarnia(dupe)
Isarnia Obakan
Obakan Khagan
Khagan Thorne
45. Thorne Azlar
46. Azlar …

Heading into bad stretch and ha8 is putting out good heroes though no guardians yet. This on the other hand is getting old.

Non s1 Clarissa
Costumes Richard, Isarnia(dupe)


Retrain #68…nothing new.
My S1 hero collection is already complete, but would love some of their costumes…like Marjana and Leonidas.
Justice went back in.
Until next week!

Retrain 1-66


Retraining #1 to 10:
#2: Azlar to Guardian Panther
#3: Vivica to C.Thorne
#6: Obakan to Anzogh

#11: Quintus to Khagan (dupe)
#12: Khagan to Azlar (dupe)
#13: Azlar to C.Domitia (not bad!)
#14: Joon to Elena (dupe)
#15: Elena to Justice (dupe)
#16: Khagan to Kadilen (dupe)
#17: Kadilen to Aegir (YES!)
#18: Khagan to Horghall (dupe)

Of course he goes back in.


From one sniper to another. Back into training Domitia goes :stuck_out_tongue:

# Hero In Hero Out Note
2 Domitia Kadilen New
3 Domitia #2 Red Hood New Non-S1
5 Leonidas Sartana New
9 Khagan #2 Perseus New Non-S1
10 Khagan #3 Mitsuko New Non-S1
14 Domitia #3 Justice New
19 Magni #3 Domitia #4 3rd

Non-S1 : 3/19 (15.8%)


Now I’m super amused.
On my main…

[ Dec 16 => Horghall => MITSUKO ]
dec23 => Richard => Quintus
dec30 => Quintus => Sartana
jan06 => Sartana => Magni

JAN 13 –


Retrain number 64: Joon into Elkanen

Can I borrow some of that Elkanen magic for next Friday, @Harlikwen ? I fed him right back in.

Non-S1 heroes: 1-for-64 (1.6%)
Costumes: 1-for-30 (3.2%)


HA10 is the greatest let down in the game for anyone who has not been lucky. I’ve been running mine since November 2020. Haven’t gotten a single costume and only non-S1 hero I’ve gotten is Atomos who I only use in VF.


A few days late on the post but another S1 dupe to be retrained

Currently 4/45 with non season 1 heroes

Currently 1/27 with bonus costume

Currently 5/72 for total draws

Currently missing following season 1 heroes:


Number Hero in Hero out Costume Note
1 Joon Elkenan New s1
2 Azlar Richard New s1
3 Khagan Kadilen New s1
4 Marjana Dominita New s1
5 Joon Richard S1
6 Richard Vivica S1
7 Vivica Horghall New s1
8 Horghall Dominita S1
9 Dominita Justice New s1
10 Elkanen Lianna S1
11 Lianna Leonidas New s1
12 Joon Azlar S1
13 Azlar Magni S1
14 Magni Quintus New s1
15 Sartana Horghall S1
16 Horghall Justice S1
17 Justice Elkanen No Costumes added
18 Elkanen Joon No S1
19 Joon Obakan No S1
20 Okakan Rana No New :cherries:seasonal
21 Quintus Thorne No New s1
22 Justice Zeline N/A New :peach:Hotm
23 Elkanen Marjana No S1
24 Marjana Dominita No S1
25 Dominita Marjana No S1
26 Marjana Vivica No S1
27 Vivica Horghall No S1
28 Horghall Lianna No S1
29 Lianna Elkanen No S1
30 Thorne Leonidas No S1
31 Leonidas Dominita No S1
32 Dominita Elena No S1
33 Elena Sartana No S1
34 Sartana Inari N/A New :lemon: S2
35 Insarna Azalar No S1
36 Azalar Joon No S1
37 Joon Leo No S1
38 Leo Dominita No S1
39 Dominita Horghall No S1
40 Magni Gregorion N/A New :green_apple: HOTM
41 Vivica Sartana Yes! New :coffee:costume
42 Sartana Thorne No S1
43 Thorne Richard No S1
44 Richard Joon No S1
45 Joon Vivica No S1
46 Vivica ???

Can I get a little justice!

Just not this one. Back in. :angry:


So I am doing HA10 since last march. Besides of getting all the missing S1 (Justice, Sartana and Thorne avoided me for three years)
heroes I got lucky with costumes. It took a while and to be onest I almost lost hope to ever pull a non S1 hero. Well and actually I didn’t :grin:
In October I finally pulled a Hoghall with costume. Well, surprisingly I was quite happy and maybe he will even get ascended soon (got 16 tonics on stack).
Then in December I got costumed Marjiana (jackpot!) and just yesterday I pulled costumed Vivica (yes!).
So pretty happy with the results especially considering I already had 5 of the 5* costumes and I easily could have pulled a dupe. But I didn’t :partying_face:
Fingers crossed I will soon pull my first non S1 hero :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Wow, I had the exact same result at the same hour :smiley: joon into vivica

My HA just gave me a Noor for a Marjana. Previous to this, the best retrain I got was costume Elkannen. I’m not too keen on Noor, but the minion meta does make her a tempting hero to level.


1/56… And the 1 was a dupe and was hard nerfed Telluria. So 1 year of disappointment… I’m seriously thinking of just giving the game up. I can only be beaten up so much before I decide to walk.

Her minions are beefy. I use her in tower events and it is basically like doubling my heroes health. If you have costume Ariel or one like her… You can triple your heroes health.

  1. Obakan → JF (new)
  2. Obakan → C.Richard (3rd dupe, had gotten him twice from Costume Chambers; ugh)
  3. Richard → C.Vivica (new Costume for me, but have never levelled Viv)

Retrain #4 on my secondary account :grin:

Non-S1 Results:
#3 Frida
#4 Victor


Months and months and nothing… The end is near

After 27 days I decided to stop HA8 and go back to HA10.

Starting retrain 43, Azlar went in. As always I’ll either update when I want (that means I didn’t get anything new) or when I get something different than S1 vanilla lol.

Highlights (Not writing hero I put in anymore, it’s always S1 vanilla anyway) :

1- Athena (New)
9- Drake Fong (New)
11- Obakan (Last missing S1, vanilla S1 collection complete)
Since 17th Retraining - Costumes Introduced
20- Khagan Costume (New)
36- Lianna Costume (New)
41- Misandra (New)


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