Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Retraining #1 to 10:
#2: Azler to Guardian Panther
#3: Vivica to C.Thorne
#6: Obakan to Anzogh

#11: Quintus to Khagan (dupe)

He goes back in. See ya in a week


Retrain #61…just another S1 dupe. I need some luck!
Sent Lianna back in.
Until next week!


Congrats with your first retraining, welcome to the exclusive first retraining getting non S1 club :partying_face: :joy:


Captain kestrel is a great hero that hit 3 can be devastating if mana is even a 3rd of the way up on the target’s… congrats :partying_face: he’s on my wish list from ha10


Retrain number 57: Domitia into Sartana. No Black Friday magic for me. :frowning_face:


And Vivica out. No luck recently with the slaughterhouse. I decided to give it a pause for (probably) couple days as I am in desperate need of ham to finish working on the couple heroes I ascended or pulled recently (Motega, C Francine, Xnolphod) and this is just a waste of it. Better to produce some uncommon feeders/trainers.

Horghall β†’ Richard
Horghall β†’ Domitia
Quintus β†’ Isarnia
Quintus β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Horghall
Horghall β†’ Elkanen
Elkanen β†’ Kunchen (dupe)
Quintus β†’ Sartana
Quintus β†’ Horghall
Horghall β†’ Elkanen
Elkanen β†’ Horghall
Horghall β†’ Obakan
Khagan β†’ Obakan
Obakan β†’ Azlar
Khagan β†’ Isarnia
Isarnia β†’ Obakan
Obakan β†’ Joon
Marjana β†’ Khagan
Khagan β†’ Thorne
Thorne β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Horghall
Horghall β†’ Magni
Magni β†’ Khagan
Khagan β†’ Leonidas
Khagan β†’ Justice
Isarnia β†’ Lianna
Domitia β†’ Sartana
Elkanen β†’ Thorne
Thorne β†’ Magni
Sartana β†’ Leonidas
Leonidas β†’ Thorne
Thorne β†’ Morgan le Fay (dupe)
Horghall β†’ Magni
Magni β†’ Joon
Joon β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Quintus
Quintus β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Obakan
Obakan β†’ Isarnia
Kadilen β†’ Obakan
Obakan β†’ Khagan
Khagan β†’ Thorne
Thorne β†’ Isarnia
Isarnia β†’ Leonidas
Justice β†’ Obakan
Obakan β†’ Leonidas Costume (1st!)
Vivica β†’ Domitia
Domitia β†’ Khagan
Khagan β†’ Isarnia Costume (1st!)
Isarnia β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Marjana
Marjana β†’ Kadilen
Kadilen β†’ Sartana
Leonidas β†’ Vivica
Vivica β†’ Liana
Domitia β†’ Leonidas
Leonidas β†’ Azlar
Elkanen β†’ Thorne Costume (dupe)
Thorne β†’ Quintus
Quintus β†’ Joon
Thorne β†’ Justice
Justice β†’ Azlar
Azlar β†’ Vivica

  1. Isarnia to Horghall
  2. Horghall to Isarnia (wasted 2 weeks)
  3. Isarnia Lianna
  4. Vivica …

Well if I don’t hit this week I officially fall below 5%. Not going to be shocked but it’s wearing thin. I barely want to keep posting but when I get something it’ll maybe help someone else who is going through it like how seeing others hit after a year helps me keep going. And it’s essentially free since I have food galore and recruits since I have nothing but a few 3s to level from events and they are dupes. Sadly 2 months ago I spent 300 coins in Starfall and got only Dandre (already have 2 lady wool so not a huge win) but if I saved them I’d have 340 coins since I haven’t pulled since then and 34 pulls with 89% of old event heroes I’d take that. I’m so angry. If they let us know earlier but why do that since they think it spurs spending but it doesn’t. Ughhhhh.

Not copying the list anymore just posting current week.
Non s1- Clarissa
Costume - Richard



Finally I got something good to show you guys! I feel happy :love_you_gesture:


Summary of non-s1 retrains:
:black_circle:Try number 2. Alasie :snowflake: new
:black_circle:17. Costume Thorne :snowflake: new
:black_circle:22. Costume Marjana :fire: new
:black_circle:23. Vanda :fire: new
:black_circle:28. Khagan >> Costume Elena new :fire:
:black_circle:29. Elena >> Justice (dupe) :sun_with_face:
:black_circle:30. Justice >> ??
Justice come in, justice come back. No plans of maxing a copy of her without costume.

See you next week!!! Good luck😊

:cake: From 30 retrains, 5 were non-s1.
βœ“ HOTM: Alasie
βœ“ Costumes: Thorne, Elena, Marjana
βœ“ Seasonal: Vanda
:crossed_fingers:t2:Most wanted: Zeline/Evelyn, Costume Sartana/Panther, Frida, G. Kong, Costume Leo


Next report is so-so …

Draws 1-28
Draws 1-4
  1. Elkanan β†’ Joon
    2, Joon β†’ Richard
  2. Richard β†’ Elena
  3. Elena β†’ Obakan
  1. Obakan β†’ Athena :+1:
Draws 6-10
  1. Richard β†’ Quintus kept for eventually maxing first Quintus
  2. Elena β†’ Sartana
  3. Sartana β†’ Lianna
  4. Lianna β†’ Azlar kept for levelling costume
  5. Elkanan β†’ Khagan
  1. Khagan β†’ Morgan Le Fay :+1: :fireworks: First ever Event S5
Draws 12-23
  1. Thorne β†’ Domitia
  2. Domitia β†’ Azlar
  3. Azlar β†’ Joon
  4. Joon β†’ Isarnia
  5. Isarnia β†’ Sartana
  6. Sartana β†’ Vivica
  7. Vivica β†’ Azlar
  8. Azlar β†’ Vivica
  9. Vivica β†’ Justice
  10. Justice β†’ Quintus kept for eventually maxing first Quintus (I pulled costume)
  11. Elena β†’ Justice
  12. Justice β†’ Marjana
  1. Marjana β†’ Rana :+1: first seasonal 5*
Draws 25-27
  1. Isarnia β†’ Obakan + Costume :+1:
  2. Leonidas β†’ Obakan (Really!?!) kept for costume
  3. Elkanan β†’ Leonidas
  1. Leonidas β†’ Lianna + Costume :+1:
  1. Joon β†’ Horghall

  2. Horghall β†’ Quintus

  3. Quintus β†’ Thorne

  4. Thorne β†’ Joon (again!?!) this is like my 12th Joon

  5. Joon β†’ Elena + Costume :+1: but a dupe :man_shrugging:

  6. Marjana β†’

Summary: 33 trainings

1x past HOTM (Athena)
1x event hero (Morgan Le Fay)
1x seasonal hero (Rana)
3x S1 Costume (Obakan, Lianna, Elena)


Pulling a dupe premium retrain considering 5% chance is painful :frowning: grats though. I can’t wait to max my c. Elena.


Yeah she is awesome. A mainstay on defense and raid attack for me.

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And right back in goes Elkie.


Not expecting anything, just sharing my newbie retrains with you vets:


Sadly no costumes yet.


Good luck with the next one. :crossed_fingers:

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  1. Miki
  2. S1
  3. S1
  4. S1
  5. Guardian Panther
  6. Missandra
  7. S1
  8. S1
  9. S1
  10. S1
  11. S1
  12. Athena
  13. Guardian Owl
  14. S1 Joon (new)
  15. S1
  16. S1
  17. S1
  18. Poseidon
  19. S1
  20. S1
  21. S1
  22. Costume Kadilen
  23. S1
  24. S1
  25. S1
  26. S1
  27. S1
  28. Costume Domitia
  1. elena - horghall
  2. horghall - khagan
  3. khagan - ageir (3/43)
  4. magni - justice
  5. justice - marjana
  6. marjana - domita
  7. domita - khagan + costume
  8. Khagan - joon
  9. joon - leo
  10. leo. - domita
  11. domita -

Got Drake Fong last week and Rumplestilskin this week…


Nice. Congrats!

I’d love to have Rumple to play around with.

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