Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

Absolutely awful. :cry:

Will you keep retraining?

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Will be reporting my first training result in 3 days… Fingers crossed!

Top non-S1 wish list: average speed instant healers, reviver, dark hit-3 or AoE, fire hit-3 or AoE, titan specialist, elemental def down

Top costumes wish list: C.Marjana, C.Kadilen

Top S1 wish list: None


Retraining number 31 … every single one was duplicate, Season 1 hero


I suppose so…it’s kind of a habit at this point :laughing:

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Yes I know :scream_cat: most likely I will have a full year of season 1 heroes next :crazy_face: although I wouldn’t mind a Magni, Lianna or Vicica since I still don’t have those.

Good luck! Hope you will get something nice :crossed_fingers:


The big #50 gave me Lianna but sadly without her costume. Back in she goes.

Good luck everyone!

Non season 1: 0/50
Costumes: 0/13

:hash: Hero in Hero out Note
51 Lianna ???
Summary of retrains 1 - 50
:hash: Hero in Hero out Note
1 Obakan Sartana Kept her, 2nd purple sniper!
2 Obakan Quintus
3 Quintas Leonidas
4 Leonidas Sartana
5 Sartana Horghall
6 Horghall Azlar Kept. My first Azlar ! :grin:
7 Khagan Azlar Ok RNGesus, one Azlar is enough tyvm!
8 Azlar Leonidas
9 Leonidas Khagan
10 Khagan Marjana
11 Marjana Domitia
12 Domitia Quintus
13 Quintus Richard My first ever Richard! Yoink!
14 Joon Quintus
15 Quintus Elkanen
16 Elkanen Sartana
17 Sartana Marjana
18 Marjana Sartana 4th Sartana…
19 Sartana Obakan
20 Obakan Sartana 5th… really?!
21 Sartana Isarnia
22 Isarnia Lianna
23 Lianna Isarnia
24 Isarnia Obakan
25 Obakan Justice First Justice. Yay!
26 Elkanen Richard
27 Richard Leonidas 6 months of HA10
28 Leonidas Joon
29 Joon Khagan
30 Khagan Lianna
31 Lianna Azlar
32 Azlar Domitia
33 Domitia Elkanen
34 Elkanen Richard
35 Richard Isarnia
36 Isarnia Leonidas
37 Leonidas Horghall
38 Horghall Khagan Costumes introduced.
39 Khagan Quintus
40 Quintus Elkanen
41 Elkanen Thorne
42 Thorne Khagan 4th Khagan!
43 Khagan Horghall
44 Horghall Sartana
45 Sartana Elkanen
46 Elkanen Isarnia
47 Isarnia Obakan
48 Obakan Leonidas
49 Leonidas Magni
50 Magni Lianna

Sorry about the dry “half-centenary” anniversary! Hope you’ll have better luck soon…


Anyone have experience with justice costume?
Glad to get a costume, unsure about her in use


Heya! Congrats on pulling cJustice! I got her from HA10 a handful of retraining past and already had her regular form +18 (pics below for a visual)

The costume is a MUCH improved take on the original. Her damage output is roughly 250 to all, but that’s before you have dead allies. She can do 1k+ if she’s your last hero standing. I have several level 11+ Mana troops to increase her to “average speed.” ; And her self-mana buff is nice if you get tiles early and want to try firing her multiple times


Too much competition for paladin emblems on my roster, so I haven’t used Justice as much as I might have if she had emblems, but I do like her costume form in wizard class trials, where purple enemies are fairly prevalent.

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Every time I see you in this thread, I always think, is this re-training finally the one?

I still think you are due for a non-S1 any week now. :pray::pray::pray::pray:



Thanks for the replies! Good info. I’ve got some mana troops leveled and some spare emblems. I’ll go ahead and start leveling her, unless my summon luck continues in the magic tower


Doh!! I forgot the screenshots! I’ve added them to my original comment (I also put a few more emblems on her to get to +18)

I will add that if you don’t already have Justice maxed to hang onto your darts, unless you have a surplus. Justice costume is good, but not game-breaking good for your last 6 darts :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. elena - horghall
  2. horghall -

Now I am also a part of this topic. Finally I can become disappointed too :laughing:

  1. Obakan - Horghall
  2. Horghall -

Become disappointed in company, that’s much better :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

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Bugged for sure, you seem to be getting nearly all the non season 1’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve see cJustice as the last man standing, wow! Cobalt could take some lessons from her. She is absolutely devastating.

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26-5-21 isarnia in 02-6-21 elkenen out (new)
02-6-21 Thorne in 09-6-21 sartana #2 out
09-6-21 magni in 16-6-21 Richard out (new)
16-6-21 Thorne in 23-6-21 kadilen#2 out
23-6-21 isarnia in 30-6-21 azlar out (new)
30-6-21 magni in 07-7-21 groot out
07-7-21 groot in 07-14-21 lianna#2 out
14-7-21 isarnia in 21-7-21 Elena#3 out
21-7-21 Elena in 28-7-21 Dom3 out
28-7-21 dom back in 04-8-21 sartana #3 out
04-8-21 sartana in 11-8-21 khagan2 + costume

11-8-21 azlar in 18-8-21 Justice #2 out
18-8-21 Justice in 25-8-21 Richard #2 out
25-8-21 khagan in 01-9-21 azlar #3 out
01-9-21 Azlar in 08-9-21 quintus costume out
08-9-21 Richard in 15-21 groot 2 out
15-9-21 groot in

See you next week :crossed_fingers:


Groot1 - Magni(1)+20
Groot2 - Justice (∞)
Groot3 - Quintus(1)
Groot4 - Elena (3)
Groot5 - Justice (∞+1)
Justice2 - Leonidas 2.
Leonidas2 - Kaghan 2.
Kaghan2 - Azlar1
Elena3 - Marjana 1.
Obakan2 - Quintus2.
Quintus2 - Joon 2.
Kadilen2 - Azlar 2
Azlar 2 - Kaghan 3
Kaghan 3 - Leo 2
Leo 2 - Anzog (Non s1)
Elena - Groot
Groot - Elk 3
Elk 3 - Joon3
Joon 3 - Kadilen ∞
Kadilen - Elena ∞
Elena - Quintus ∞
Quintus - justice
Justice - Dom
Dom - Justice
Justice - Elkanen. Shutting the HA 10.

Got troops to 26, so resuming the HA 10
Elk - Sartana 5
Sartana - Kadilen
Went back to running troops Set it up for the next 28 days.
Kadilen - Magni 2
Sartana 3 - Marjana nude
Sartana 4 - Magni
Magni - Lianna
Khagan - Sartana and costume - Already had 2 of her costumes at max
Sartana - Azlar
Azlar - Isarnia (1) No costume (Maxed)
Elena - Justice
Justice - Kadilen
Kadilen - Rumplestiltskin
Kadilen - Isarnia (Waited for 3 years and got her twice in month)
Isarnia - Kaghan
Kaghan -


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