Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

I completed my HA10 in mid september or so and have been doing retrains the ENTIRE TIME since then. It’s been roughly 9 months. At 7 days per retrain, thats about 4 retrains a month. That means I’ve done about 36 retrains and guess what. I STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE NON SEASON 1 5*. What is this bullsh*$? 36 RETRAINS. What a complete waste of ham. SG needs to fix this building ASAP.


Im 0/36 as well. I swear it should be a GUARANTEED NON SEASON 1 5* after a certain amount of retrains. This is a huge waste of hams.

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It’ll happen, either stick to it or don’t. I’ve been doing training since day 1 and I’ve only had 2 out of about 40 retrains. 5% odds are not the best, but at least you’re still getting the same level back to put back in.

As happy as I was to get marjana yesterday that was 15 weeks. Win 20 weeks as the avg I should get one within 5 weeks but seeing others it’s not likely. I also still lack azlar and quintus but actually don’t want them as I would keep them and they’d just take space.

The 5% on tc20 wasn’t bad even if it ran low to 3 or 4 because you could run 4 and it was only 2 days with much less resources.
This is a week and if it skews low, which from here it looks like it does it’s much worse than. Tc20.

Yet we get more junk starfall heroes and in beta they have he magic tower heroes and new s4 heroes plus salmon Loki which is awful. And then there’s the hotms which are blah except July.

Stop with the hero barrage and up the odds for us. It’s going to hit a point where people won’t pull because everyone will keep waiti for the next heroes that will outclass the current ones in a few weeks. I have been hoarding challenge coins because there are 3 more events coming. They might be better than even teltoc though unlikely.

The costumes are coming for summer too fpr Rana and yunan and they are ridiculously stupid. Beach heroes. And Rana only changes from sand to water damage for all intents and purposes.

Where is the dupe solution? Where is better chat? Where is HA for 4* from s2 and events like Wilbur, hansel, gretel, Proteus, peters, and he other game changers at 4* level. Oh and then there’s also limit breaks plus a quest to get the mats.

Sorry I veered off ha10 but I see some of you going waaaay longer than me and I know my pain and can’t imagine going six months or more with no non s1. I’m only happy cause I got marjana, a s1 that eluded me forever. I have every other sniper plus 4 copies but I couldn’t get her so I’m happy but in reality tc20 could have also given me that. HÀ10 needs fixing

Good luck to you all and keep trying cause what choice do we have?!?


Isn’t that obvious? Zyn$a/$GG wants you to spend money, buy gems, and try to summon for heroes you don’t have. TC20 is what it is, probably still the most generous 5* acquisition overall. HA10 looked good on the idea behind it, but they’ve added so many handicaps to encumber the process so that it is like a tease and a resource dump for the majority of the player base.

In 3.5 years of playing, I’ve luckily managed to get a copy of every Season 1 5*, and since I don’t keep duplicate heroes, I don’t have to depend on HA10 to provide me with missing vanilla 5*. Any time there is a dupe 5*, they either get fed or in this case, became chip to play the weekly HA10 lottery. Since starting and in 3 months or 12 trainings and throwing a Khagan in, I’ve managed to get him back during one of the retrains, and others are Elena, Isarnia, Lianna, Obakan, Joon x 2, Kaidilen x 2, Justice x 3… Duplicate results in more than half the retrains just hade me wonder if the one I sent in is just waiting to pop his/her back out two weeks later. If the 5% for non-S1 is any indication, even if the costumes chance were live, I will probably end up 0-12 too.

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Retrain number 33: Joon into Lianna.

Now I’m just keeping track to see if I win the prize for going the longest of anyone in this thread without getting a non-S1 hero. Now that @WaffleWarriorBrister broke his or her streak, am I only behind @Harlikwen with my 0-for-33?

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.


Haha! That’s not a prize I particularly want to win… :joy:

‘Congratulations, you won!’
'Ohh maa guurrd! Really?!
‘You betcha! Well done.’
‘I can’t believe I won?! I mean this is just…so exciting! What did I win?’
‘Absolutely nothing. Again, congratulations!’
sobs uncontrollably

Save my RNGesus, you’re my only hope!


The Force is not with you…

Horgall → Kadilen. Nothing new. Simple formula 1.3M food + 7 DAYS + :poop: = :poop:


Retrain #37.
Already 2.5 years of playing and still no Marjana. :face_with_monocle:
Send in Elena, maybe she will be luckier.
Until next week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Frustrated as always :put_litter_in_its_place::expressionless:


40 in…expected value of 2. Result =1 :frowning_face: matches my summons results also.


Hmnnn. Just a eureka moment. I just realized that if SG really was/is purely gunning for our money, wouldn’t it be counterproductive for them to have the Hero Academy released in the game? I mean, while the summon portals have less than 4% getting a non S1 hero everytime we summon, Hero Academy allegedly is at 5% odds of getting a non S1 hero. Some players have already beaten the 5% probability as they have already acquired 3 to 5 non S1 legendaries.

Some have beaten the 5%, but lot of us have been at 0 even after 30 weeks. Thats still a bummer considering the odds and resource spent on the retrain. SG’s plan for HA is still a terrible. HA is good for troop trainer, other wise its just like every other aspect of E and P - disappointment

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Until you realise that half of them are obsolete as well. Yeah sure, I’m hoping to get a Thoth that will serve me well in the current meta.

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Well… again, if you believe HA10 is not worth it, why bother then?

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Because SGG has not given us any other option to help with all the duplicate S1 5* heroes…

Eat them. Feed them to other heroes. Or level them. Those are other options. You just don’t like it.

40 stalled 5* heroes, can’t level because can’t get enough AM… Really not an option to keep leveling duplicates to 3/70 to sit there for nothing… Yes we can feed them to other heroes, feels like a waste, and yes it is an option, always been there and hardly anyone likes it… Guess my response should have said "SGG has not given us any “new” options to help with all the duplicate 5* after years of promises to do so… HA10 at least has a chance to do something with them.


Well, this the reporting thread for HA10 retrains. Not the complaints thread. You may want to visit this:

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