Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

  1. Dom in, Guin out. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  2. Elk in, vivica out. :heart:
  3. Khagan #5 in…!!! :monkey:

A welcome result, as I have a pile of rings. Marj#2 will be levelled.

:hash: Input Output Total Limited Total S1 Percent Limited
1 Quintus Domitia 0 1 0
2 Quintus Lianna 0 2 0
3 Quintus Elkanen 0 3 0
4 Quintus Elkanen 0 4 0
5 Elkanen Marjana 0 5 0


Training number 11 a day late. Mondays can be busy.

Domitia in, Horghall out, Horghall right back in.

11 week summary:

|1| Leonidas into Elkanen
|2| Elkanen into King Arthur
|3| Sartana into Horghall
|4| Horghall into Thorne
|5| Thorne into Sartana
|6| Sartana into Quintus
|7| Quintus into Horghall
|8| Horghall into Marjana
|9| Leonidas into Lianna
|10| Quintus into Domitia
|11| Domitia into Horghall
|12| Horghall into ??? (please be something good)

See you in 6 days…maybe.


First at the very beginning it was Khagan to Miki and now Khagan is again real hero…


This place is for HA10 result reporting, if you wish to discuss or find info about that, try these threads:


Fifth Retraining:

Joon -> Lianna

I do have several Lianna in storage; one maxed & another 2 kept for future use so… another :-1: here.

Retraining Date Start Hero In Hero Out :+1: or :-1:
1 23 Oct, 2020 Clarissa (4) Domitia :-1:
2 30 Oct, 2020 Domitia Elena :-1:
3 6 Nov, 2020 Elena Elkanen :-1:
4 13 Nov, 2020 Elkanen Thoth-Amun :+1:
5 20 Nov, 2020 Joon #3 Lianna #4 :-1:
6 27 Nov, 2020 Lianna #4 ???

News Presenter voice:
In other news, did you know that the Electric Chair was first invented by a dentist?

And this has been another presentation of Guvs fairly useless progress updates. Tune in again this time next week for the next fascinating installment!


My first retraining! I’m not too happy… 3rd Throne to 3rd Vivica! 3rd Horghall went in… hopefully 7th Domitia will come out! :smile:


6th Elena to 1st Leonids - kind of an upgrade I guess
4th Obakan to 2nd Quin - flat trade imo
2nd Quin into 2rd Azlar
2nd Azlar into 4th Justice

Must say its nice to see some people are actually getting non-S1 heroes out of this. Wish the ratio was higher though.


Appreciate that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now 2nd batch of Five heroes is complete:

  • Richard --> Khagan
  • Khagan–> Isarnia
  • Isarnia --> Elena
  • Elena --> Marjana(1st one)
  • Richard --> Azlar

My 1st Marjana in over three years of playing so mildly pleased with that. Now that the costume comes with the underlying hero that doesn’t matter so much because she will ONLY get rings if/when the costume is summoned. Still, it is nice to fill in yet another SI gap.


Thoth appreciates that you gave him a :+1: :+1: :+1: :rofl:

Please tell me the dentist had a first/last name of Quintus

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Third retrain:

Justice ==> Quintus

So, I turned Quintus into Justice into Quintus. Two weeks wasted.


It was a grudging :+1: believe me haha…

The inventor’s name was “Alfred P. Southwick” and was also an engineer & inventor in additon to dentist.

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Elena number 4 -> Richard number 1! Woot! Only need Elkanen now to complete the S1 set.

Khagan number 3 in. See you next week.


Quintus #5 became Azlar #5 who became Horghall #1. (Only four more S1 to go, one from each of the other colors)

Thorne #4 became Richard #5 who became Horghall #2. (I hope this doesn’t become a pattern)

Quintus #4 is in now. See you Saturday!

Recycled Hero Retrained Hero
Quintus Vivica
Quintus Azlar
Quintus Horghall
Joon Magni
Noor Obakan
Zocc Leonidas
Leonidas Obakan
Obakan Elkanen

I’d be happier about Elkanen if TC20 hadn’t just given him to me the day before, LOL. Sent in Justice #2


Quintus in - Richard out.

Good for me again as I didn’t have him. That’s the only bonus of never getting anything decent from my TC20s haha


1st retrain. Kadilen right back in.


11th retraining finally got me my 1st non-season 1 hero!

Not only that, but an awesome hero!

But one that is a dupe, and I already have at +18 emblems :slightly_frowning_face:

Is it worth it to level a second Alberich?

Lianna goes back in for retraining 12, fingers crossed for my first Joon or something else non S1


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