Hero Academy level 10 - Guessing Game

I think this deserves its own thread. If not, merge away. :smile:


  1. Which heroes are your most wanted from Hero Academy level 10? Why?

  2. Guess/tell us your first non-vanilla 5* from HA10.

My answers:

  1. Miki - awesome titan hero
    Hel - love mana control heroes
    Onatel - can be annoying in wars, and mana drain looks fun

  2. Mok-Arr :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to start re-training 5*! Still weeks away.


I’d be happy with anything other than season 1 heroes. So far I’ve trained an Obakan into Sartana, and an Obakan into Kadilen. I’ve got duplicates of both of them too so doesn’t help me much. Currently retraining a third Obakan.


About S1 I would love to get Justice, Kadilen and Marjana, to complete my S1 collection.
About retraining into a premium hero I would love to get:

Atlantis: Ariel
Events: G. Panther
HOTM: Miki

Reasoning: Ariel’s mana buff is gold and Id wish to improve my titan’s scores.

My mats are ready


I’m hunting a few heroes:

  1. Tarlak - Big replacement of Wu Kong
  2. Aegir - Wilbur on steroids - I already have Thorne at +18 emblems, will switch instantly
  3. Miki - Tarlak alternative

Everything else is a bonus. So far I’ve only got S1 heroes (5 attempts).


Top priority:

  • Frida or Arthur: for replacement Nordri in Titan :smile:
  • Evelyn, I still do not have Almur.
  • Tarlak (not so priority I have Miki already, but for rare blue Titan, Tarlak is welcome)

Rest, no need to explain overall versatile heroes:
Ariel, Hel, Mistuko, Zimkitha, GM, Kage, Zeline, Guardian Kong.


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Got my first one. Traded domitia and hit lianna and fed her right back. I just want heros I don’t have
I don’t care of they are s1 it better. Im still looking for at least 5 s1 heros I would like to add to my roster.

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Fingers crossed, third time lucky! :crossed_fingers::shamrock:

I’d be happy to get a Dom and Leo, to complete my S1 5* collection. Even though I’ve run at least 1x tc20 24/7 since May 2018, they still manage to elude me. I finally got Quintus earlier this year from the Costume Chamber. :joy:

You have a lot of mats ready! I can understand, my mats just keep piling up too. :sweat_smile:

As a very c2p still relying on Wu Kong, I’d be really happy with Tarlak/Miki. Even Ranvir. :exploding_head:

Nice to see some love for Aegir! I’d be happy to get him.

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Fwiw, Nordri is one of my fave 3*. Awesome for challenge events. I’d love an Evelyn or Almur too.

Guessing is completely voluntary. :smile:

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Poor Lianna. :yum:

20 tears for Lianna

I poured one out for her already.

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:face_with_monocle: Who are you?? Is your account a lost twin of mine? :laughing:
^^ same wishlist as yours… and u can add a Miki on mine :roll_eyes:


@00Nihal00 Looks like you just found your forum twin! :joy::rofl:

I’ve got a long wishlist from HA10. :flushed: I think almost any non S1 5* will be huge for my roster. I’m very c2p.

Yep, I also rely on Wu Kong as I didn’t invest much in summons.

But honestly, with the current 7 days duration and less than 5% chance to get any non-S1 heroes, the odds of getting what you want are close to 0. Maybe in 20 years, I’ll get the ones I want. :roll_eyes:

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And odds will get worse if they add old premium heroes to HA10.

Having written that, I can’t be picky. I’ll be glad to get any non-S1 5*. :joy::rofl:

Great! Now that the devs saw us complaining on the forums, they’ll change the odds and it’ll raid with non-S1 heroes! :tada::joy::joy:

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Tarlak or Miki + Athena for me.



We must complain. Otherwise they just keep it the same. Even if we fail, at least we tried.


I’m still waiting for Vivica :roll_eyes: just saying :rofl:

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