Hero Academy : How about 1 on 1 leveling for our heroes army?

For training, Hero Academy is perfect: 5 recruits go in, 5 common Heroes come out.

However, when I go to level up my own heroes (4*,5*), I quickly run out of food. I’ve got a lot of Advanced farms but still there’s this bottleneck.

How about 1 on 1 training for my heroes army instead of the hundreds of common/ uncommon/rare it takes to fully level them?

Hey @321Trotter, haven’t seen you for aaaaaggges. I hope you’re doing ok.

I don’t quite follow your idea, do you mean a way of training a fully levelled hero?

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No, not fully levelled heroes, newly acquired 4* & 5* hero pulls.

It’s ridiculous how many heroes it takes to level 4* & 5* heroes. If I had known in the beginning how many it would take I likely wouldn’t have bothered to play E&P. We were all duped

Please, go on

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Do you mean to only waste food once, directly on the hero, not on the current recruits+food = feeder + food = xp/levels for the hero we need, that’s how I see it, and I like the idea :grinning::grinning:

I’ll chime in here. There is a certain psychological resistance to recycling excess 4* heroes. They’re rare enough that consolidating them for XP bumps to a sole survivor seems wasteful because there are ways of spending common resources to get the same reward. It takes longer, but since we’re talking about “spares”, the game doesn’t really offer any incentive for the impatience required to make acceleration a compelling value add.

On the other hand, that band of 4* heroes eventually starts to become a heavy albatross. When a player reluctantly recycles some lesser or more overstocked 4*’s to clean space, that’s a liquidation sale. Liquidation sales aren’t deemed successful because they generated profit, they’re judged by how well they minimize unavoidable losses.

If Monty Hall was hosting EnP, every trade involving a 4* hero has the upside of an old reliable toaster oven. There’s no gamble involved when the outcomes are predictable.

Animation Throwdown made a change to its card recycling mechanics a while back. There had always been a game currency, stones, that player could collect and then exchange for new card pulls from the random oracle, much like EnP’s Atlantis/Midgard/Legends coins work. The change hey made to recycling was a kickback in terms of a modest number of random draw currency. Nowhere near enough to come close to 1:1 replacement, but interestingly enough, the currency returned applied to higher rarity cards. One epic trades in for 1% of a random Legendary pull.

Timelines has a feature where you can bind up your characters for an extended time, netting a progressively large prize pool, but if you don”t pull them back in time, you risk losing it all. Same mechanic that made Deal or No Deal catchy.

I wonder if a higher stakes version of today’s tournaments could happen. Like playing for Ante where each round you might either lose your team or increase your price incentive for staying in. Survivors may opt out after any round, but opting out means forfeiting some or all of your accumulated prize pool. Limit all entries to un-ascended, level 1 characters of a fixed star rating to both even the playing field and put an upper bound. In the assets participants might lose for having entered,

Or, for a simpler route, how about Implementing a partial kickback for second chance Season 2/3 and/or seasonal pulls? Let probability odds favor then house, but not so much that somewhere between 5% and 10% of all participants are predicted to feel they wound up getting back something better than what they traded in,

So, you’re saying that the epic and legendary heroes we got should achieve a level, regardless of ascension tier, by feeding a single hero (1* or 2*)? What a brilliant idea!! Nobody would be grinding then and nobody would be hoarding food and recruits to be used for training feeder heroes. Imagine, each of our 5 star heroes will get fully maxed by feeding each of them 260 feeder heroes (50+60+70+80) or our 4* heroes fully maxed by feeding them 210 common/uncommon heroes (40+50+60+70).

I am pretty sure I am not. Who else got duped?

I don’t think the suggestion is oriented towards getting levels any faster than they are acquired today.

I think the pitch is more about offering players a more constructive way of liquidating their accumulation of heroes that are sufficiently rare that using them as feeders is unpalatable since the value XP offers has nothing to do with being unique or scarce.

Trading unused 4* or 5* characters in for a chance at pulling a different 4* or 5* character with some probability of being a favorable or unfavorable exchange is more about having a second chance raffle for something more worth investing your food supply into than it is about having either more food or higher quality food.

Well, that’s what you think. Is that how you understand these statements of his:

I dunno how you could construct those statements differently.

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