Hero academy Glitch

Good day.

I tried to search for this issue before posting git and I did not find anything.

The issue is that after I did a research in the hero academy, it glitches out and it doesn’t allow me to level the building anymore, not do any other research.

I have attached some screenshots as proof. You’ll see in the screenshot that it shows a collect sign the whole time. But that collect sign doesn’t want to disappear even collect newly trained hereos. It is pretty irritating because I was on a leveling spree with the academy.

You must have done some research/training on some level (as is evident by the icon over the building), but you are yet to collect/accept it. Unless you do that, you cannot upgrade the building :slight_smile:


I wish it was that. But as you can see on the screenshot, the research is inactive and I cannot even continue to do further research. It all started after the on research was complete. In other words, there is nothing to collect, even though it shows a collection icon on the building.

Can you show me a screenshot of your first few levels (1-3)? :slight_smile:

Nevermind. Just when I uploaded the screenshot I saw the problem hahah. Thanks Pirate!


Haha. Yes, you hadn’t clicked the “Done” button on one of them. Anyway, glad that we resolved that. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


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