Hero academy feeders

When claiming hero’s made in hero academy level 3, for instance you made 10 x 2* hero’s, you need to claim each one individually, but when you claim them the whole 10 don’t show, it maybe is 7-8 but then the 10 hero’s show up in the roster.

It’s because the duplicate feeders claimed are not shown. That is why, if you have 10 2*feeders claimed, the 2nd or 3rd Layla wont be shown (or any duplicate hero for that matter. You will notice this easily using TC1, TC2, TC3 and TC19.


To be clear;

When you are going through the card preview of each hero trained, it will only show you one of each duplicate hero you trained (as @Ultra said).

In the summary screen that follows after that though, you should see a number telling you how many of that hero you got (and it should add up to 10 :slight_smile: or however many free spaces you had in your roster before hitting the max)


Can add your votes here for a “claim all” button on the Hero Academy if you wish :slight_smile:


I have been training uncommon heroes with the new Hero Academy and have noticed that I do not collect as many as I train. It will show 5/5 to collect and I only collect 4 for example. I have read what I could but only see where it says you cannot train two different types of heroes /troops at one time. Is there any bugs or issues that have been reported on this problem, or did I miss some information? I appreciate your time for reading this regarding whom it may also concern and hope this can be resolved.

Are you getting duplicates, perhaps?

Check your heroes tab as well as the collection window.

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Is your hero roster filled by collecting less than the full amount available?

It was my mistake. I didn’t understand that below the heroes were numbers to show more than one were trained. Thanks for your reply though, truly Dorkus.