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Feature not a bug?

I have been thinking about this.

And this.

I think they are both connected.

We know training camp results are rolled when collected, not when finished. But training camps have fixed results.

By forcing players to collect retraining to start a new one retraining, you allow retraining results to be rolled when finished. By forcing the collection instead of allowing a queue of 20 finished retrainings.

Forcing players to do one retraining at a time let’s the results change. The displayed results will almost always be accurate.

But if you let a player queue finished retrainings for 6 months, the displayed results at the beginning would not reflect the possible results at the end.

This could also later be used to add more types of 4* troops.

I am not thrilled with this implementation, especially its resource cost and real world time, but no queue for retraining may actually be a feature and not a bug.

I thought TC was rolled before collection. Didn’t someone try to collect in the game and also in the beta with the same result: Joon?

It does “low value” trainings using the device side RNG seed on collection

High value trainings however are done using server side RNG.


What is low value vs high value?

After Betagate, did anyone retest this?

This is confusing RNG seed with RNG roll.

The server always does RNG for silver tokens, but the roll is when you use the silver token not when you get it.

Pokémon GO actually rolls when you get a token - egg in this case - but Empires does not.

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So at which point the result is decided?

When you collect

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So how does that beta tester get Joon on both the game and the cloned beta account? Coincidence?

It is collected on different times, right?

I may be mistaken, but I think you are confusing Betagate ( previewing raid starting boards ) with training camps

(Chances of getting repeats from Training camps)

(Forum Interviews: An Audience with Zero (@xero786)) 🎙️)

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It seems my memory betray me :rofl:


Joon. Renfeld. not much difference.

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Yup, they all dupes to me :slightly_smiling_face:

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So if I have extra S2, S3 ore event 4* and 5* and send them to school I have a 95% chance of get ANOTHER s1 hero’s of the same level?

No 4* retraining in Hero Academy

Not quite. You have a 95% chance of getting a S1 hero at level 1-1 :slight_smile:


There are calculations out there on the odds of getting a specific HOTM.

Anyone smart can tell me the odds of getting a specific S1 hero???

If you are extra bored, could you tell me the odds of getting a specific S1 5* from TC20?

Thank you in advance for your brainpower and time :blush:


The odds of getting a specific S1 hero are 5% if you use another s1 hero and 4.75% if you use a non S1 hero.


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The truth was out there already :grin:

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Moved your post (:mag: function is your friend).

I had outlined all the odds & maths in Post 2 of this thread.

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