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Yeah you can’t research HA10 until all the food storage is fully maxed.

3 advanced to 10/10, other is 20

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I did a HOTM summon once and got one of the 3* ordinary S1 heroes. Why are they even included in there? A special summon should summon only specials, or nothing worse than 4* and 5* regular ones.

It’s especially bad that some people pay money for gems etc to do those special summons and most of the time they get low * heroes and troops.

Do you mean the tavern summon? This has nothing to do with hero academy.

are the new HOTM costumes avaible in hero academy?

Yes, but you need to be extremely lucky to get them…

sure, i saw some time ago a print of vanda without costume beingo pulled in HA, got cofused about it. the non s1 costume are random or if i get GM now i will get the costume aswell?

All costume pulls from HA10 are random. Basically, if you pulled a hero that has a costume, there is a 5% chance you will get a costume. So it is very likely that you just pull a GM but no costume.

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oooooo i see… so its 5% to a non s1. and then 5% if this non s1 has costume?

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Correct. So the chance of getting a non-season 1 costume is extremely low. But hey, keep your hope up. Maybe the goddess of fortune will bless you soon!

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ahahahah. i will draw the optimism line in a non s01.

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