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Yes, just like how my HA gave me 3 consecutive Lianna (December 11th, 18th, & 25th).

And I still don’t have Khagan, Horghal, & Justice for collection…

Heck. I’d give you all 3 for lianna.


I miss only Kadilen, Thorne and Domitia…

I hope I will get them once my HA10 will be up and running at the end of this month…

Hello house! Please is there any benefit for researching HA 9, even if you have acquired all Mana and crit trip for each colour.

HA9 and the ninja troop portal were very nice to me during the last weeks.

Got a second red mana troop from the portal and 2 purple mana troops from HA9. Only one more purple mana troop and I’ll switch to HA10 or something. :smiley:

HA 9 troop retraining
1 yellow crit green crit
2 blue crit green mana
3 purple crit green crit
4 green crit yellow crit
5 yellow crit green mana
6 blue crit green mana
7 green mana yellow crit
8 yellow crit purple mana
9 blue crit yellow mana
10 yellow mana purple mana
11 yellow crit green mana
12 yellow mana red mana

Only advantage would be if say you have one green mana and want five. But you have say eight green critical. So you have a 1/9 chance of getting what you want through retraining.

I may end up using it. But I’m using HA10 for a chance at Lianna and a non-s1. And I’m using HA6 non-stop for 3* troops. So with that, I’m not sure if I ever will use it.

Note that ninja troops are not available at this time in HA9.


Has anybody done an analysis about the distribution of trainer heroes? (HA7) @Guvnor

Sorry if thas has been asked before.


Someone in my alliance just claimed he got Guardian Gazelle from HA10. Is that possible?

Edit: he just corrected it. It was Panther.

Yes it is. Events heroes are in the pool of heroes available :wink:

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That’s true. But didn’t the Gazelle come out in 2020? I thought only the older event heroes were available.

I thought it was Panther not gazelle ? :wink:

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HA10 is totally worth it. Even 5% chance for a non S1 hero is better than no chance at the TC20. When you have HA10 you 're pretty much in the endgame with a dailly production of 2M ham. The weekly needed 1.3M food for running HA10 is just a small portion of total food.


It is possible :heart_eyes:


As somebody who rarely spends anything (cheap VIP & share gems deals) I’m looking forward to my HA10 build & research finishing. Won’t be soon, but will be so welcome.

I’ve got a number of 5* S1 heroes I’m missing, and have my dumping plan of unleveled 5* S1 heroes ready to go.

Evening peeps. Can someone please help me, I know that you can train up to 2 levels at a time, but can you leave them there after they have trained and go train on another level?

For further clarity:
Lets say I train 100 heroes in HA 1
Another 100 in HA 3
Now they are done training, i do not want to collect
Can I start trainings in HA 7?

I hope it makes sense

If all the training ends, you cannot add new training before pulling. Its an annoying thing, but we have no other choice

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No. You need to fully collect one of the trainings (HA1 or HA3) before you can start another one.

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