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As I’m about to finish research on HA10, is there an updated list of possible non-S1 heroes that could come out of the retraining? Sorry if it’s out there, i just can’t find one that’s different from what’s been listed since the summer. Thanks !

The list is in game. Click on the “i” and it shows the non S1 heroes.


Awesome , thank you !

I’ve redeemed twice now from HA10… I got Leonidas and Magni… and I have no use for either. I’m ok with the idea that this is now just part of the game… giving up 1.3 million rations per week and 300 recruits… but one 5% chance (2.5 per year) once per week… It is without question, a bit demoralizing. Give me a 20 week incubation that costs 26 million and 6000 recruits and let’s just be done with it.

I may have missed reading it somewhere, but does upgrading to HA 10 now cost gems as well? I just upgraded and it seems I’m down more than 1000 gems. Not sure how I missed it if it was in the description.

HA10 costs no gems. Only one 5* hero is needed for the retraining.

thanks. I’ll reach out to support.

Apologies if this has been asked but are there plans to ever add the two new heroes from each event?

Unknown :man_shrugging:


Like Finley, LotL, etc? @mhalttu

What do you think about retrain your legendary heroes? Is it worth spending so much food and recruits? Did you manage to get a better 5 * character or maybe you got a hotm? What are your impressions and opinions? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

I have 10 out 10 Season 1 heroes on retrain, but I did get a lot that I didn’t already have. You do have a 5% chance at non S1 heroes. That is easily the best in the game. I think it is totally worth the food/recruits.


I will never stop saying this: HA is a meh tool for long time players.
It doesn’t makes sense to rush for it or using it instead of TC20 at first.

Just saying, in the same timefrain an HA10 bake 1 hero, which is not one more hero to your deck but only a different hero, you can run 3 TC20 giving you 9 new heroes.
Pretty much in the meantime of 2 retrains, and you get the 5% chance for a new legendary and probably about 2 more epics in the normal training camp.

If you do have all the S1 heroes you already wanted, then go for HA10 could be your only choice of something new.

But i highly suggest as the game is right now, to upgrade two or more copies of key epic heroes before that.


Short answer : no.

You shouldn’t waste your food on this. In fact no one should use it until they fix it.
It may be reasonable if it were a 2 days retraining but not 7.
Other option could be to keep the 7 days but having a way to raise the % chances by feeding more than 1 duplicate. E.g: feeding 10 5* gives you a 50% of a non S1 hero.

I just focus on the troop training until they fix that

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He’ll yeah it’s worth it. A 5% chance of a new non S1 hero every 7 days is like 4 summons a month with better odds than any other portal. Dont listen to the pessimists, it’s totally worth it. Despite me not getting anything good yet, I know it’s a good place to spend resources.


I agree
Finally have mine up
and doesnt matter, just keep it going, better than NOT having one running, its free! just takes time leveling up the building.

To have S2 and Event heroes at the lucky roll for free makes it totally worthed, even at the low 4 pulls a month, game is so expensive and pulls have extreme low odds at any portal!

it does take space of 1 forge however

I keep mine cooking troops and hopefully the lucky roll at Finley, Hel & Co. :wink:


Loool see you in a thousand years.

Just follow the tracking post in the helps and tactics part of this forum. It is just depressing.

Food is too precious to be wasted on hopeless chances. Many won’t get any non S1 within a year. Some will get non S1 and even within that part many will get useless HotM like for e.g. toth-amun.

If it wasn’t for retraining, I would pretty much always have my food completely full. As I see it a slim chance is better than no chance. F2P or C2P may only get a few pulls a year to summon non S2 heroes. So one “free” one a week seems awesome to me.


I’d say definitely worth it. My significant other just got guardian panther on her 4th retrain. We have been trying to get panther for years with no luck. I’m about to start retraining, I’ll definitely take that 5% chance every week


I have all s1 heroes but Lianna. I’ve posted elsewhere that I have the best chance of getting her than anywhere else. Exactly 5% assuming I’m feeding a s1 hero. And another 5% of getting a limited hero. I’ll take those odds.

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