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LOL. I thought one could also get alkashards from Hero Academy.

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Some More Maths - S1 Heroes

There is a lot f2p/c2p players who are playing for quite some time but they are still missing some S1 5* heroes (me, for example :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). So what HA10 can offer you (and me)?

There is 20 S1 5* heroes
Element Hero
Dark Domitia
Dark Obakan
Dark Quintus
Dark Sartana
Fire Azlar
Fire Elena
Fire Khagan
Fire Marjana
Holy Joon
Holy Justice
Holy Leonidas
Holy Vivica
Ice Isarnia
Ice Magni
Ice Richard
Ice Thorne
Nature Elkanen
Nature Horghall
Nature Kadilen
Nature Lianna

If you use S1 hero for retraining and you won’t hit Non-S1 hero, you have 5.26 % chance for specific S1 hero. If we take into account that 5% chance for Non-S1 hero, you have then exactly 5 % chance for specific S1 hero.

Time to get a Specific S1 5* Hero

At 7 days per attempt we get the following time cost to get:

  • 25% chance of specific S1 hero = 6 attempts = 42 days
  • 50% chance of specific S1 hero = 14 attempts = 98 days
  • 75% chance of specific S1 hero = 27 attempts = 189 days
  • 90% chance of specific S1 hero = 45 attempts = 315 days

So within one year of HA10 you will get almost all S1 heroes (don’t forget RNG can still screw you!)

Let compare these results to TC20 training

  • Chance for 5* is ± 5 %
  • Chance for specific 5* is then ± 0,25 %
  • Training takes 2 days
  • You can do up to 4 trainings (3 more likely) at the same time

Comparison of chance for Specific S1 hero TC20 vs. HA10

  • comparison is done by 7 days of training (1 HA10 training and 3.5 TC20 trainings)
HA10 1 TC20 2 TC20 3 TC20 4 TC20
5 % 0.87 % 1.86 % 2.59 % 3.44 %

If you are missing some S1 5 heroes, you have a lot bigger chance of getting them with HA10 than with TC20s

That explains to me, why I still haven’t got Joon or Sartana or Magni or Lianna or Kadilen from TC20 - the chance is so low and thus RNG can be so cruel (hello to my 4 Obakans or 4 Domitias).

So if I take it a bit personal with those 5 heroes above I’d like to get, what can HA10 offer me?

  • I have 5 % chance to get Non-S1 hero
  • I have 25 % chance to get one of these 5 S1 heroes

So I might get something good within a month and I am very likely to get something good within 3 months.


12… Days countdown… Let the games begin

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sry, if i missed it, what is the cost to change a building to hero academy, just trying to make sure i have enough iron

In the OP. Under the Building Costs and Requirements section.

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This is my situation. 3 years in and still no Joon or Liana (or Elena, but who cares there), while I’ve gotten a glut of Obakans, Horghalls and Khagans. I’ll get a 5 star out of TC20 maybe every 2 to 3 months, even with 3 always going.
Hoping HA10 will finally fix this, but I’m completely expecting to be stuck in an Obakan->Khagan loop of death.


With 3 always going you should have got 3 5* every 2 months unless your fortune is bad.

Hopefully that bad fortune will not infect your HA.

Where is the thread to fix hero academy I can’t find it

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Lets create it @FrenziedEye

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Brilliant summary! Many thanks for your hard work on this!
Guess most of the players wait until April 2021 for a chance to get Telluria :rofl:


Why would they wait? The longer it is, the more dilluted pool, less chance to get Gravemaker…

Afterall, no queueing in HA10…

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I understand that you don’t want people to feel like they max out too quickly, but the times for building high-level buildings are so long that it makes me feel like it’s not worth it. Even if I am OK with putting up with a 7 day timer on HA10, it’s going to take me 4-5 months to build it. That’s not accessible to free/low-pay players.


Welcome to E&P.

Message me on Line (@modernthinker) if you want a recommendation for a game that’s much friendlier and engaging.

That’s me :slightly_smiling_face:
I think I’ll manage it.

But I do agree, it’s completely unnecessary


Newer free/low-pay players to be precise.

You are old timers… :roll_eyes:

I think I can do it in around 3 months.


Has it been made already? Lol

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You are the ambassador :wink:

Ok how do you want us to word it

Fix the Hero Academy.

We request:

  • Better odds of a non-classic 5* re-train on HA Level 10

  • Better ways of making use of multiple duplicate heroes (particularly duplicate heroes of the same hero)

  • Reduced build times

  • Reduced resources to upgrade to HA Level 10

  • Reduced re-train times

  • Retraining 3* hero with chance to become non-S1 3*.

  • Retraining 4* hero with chance to become non-S1 4*.

  • Retraining non-S1 hero will only result in another non-S1 hero with the same rarity.

(Should we quantify what we want eg exactly how many days)


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