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thanks @Guvnor for the info

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5 wooden sheilds, 5 leather armour and 5 sharpening stones.

45000 food and 30 recruits.

I’ve not really used the Academy yet, are trainer heroes worth training?

I don’t think so? Not unless you need a LOT of fast-tracking maxing of heroes that already have their special skills maxed out before they’ve finished… and you’re out of color-specific trainer heroes.

please fix lvl9, its broken, we need a chance of getting non s1 4*

Is this really true?

Its completely useless feature if I dont have a chance for 4* heroes from other portals…

yes its true, hero academy lvl9, the one you get only after 2 years and all building maxed, it delivers only s1 4* :poop:


LvL9 are troops.
LvL8 are unfortunately only S1 heroes.


I think 9 is a good option for rebalancing troops. I’d like to see non-s1 added to 8.


This! After 1.5y playing, I didn’t have a yellow mana troop (only crit) but got 9 green troops (being 4 mana and 5 crit). On my very first retraining I got the one I was missing! Very happy about it!


Yeah i meant lvl8 is broken sorry

We need non s1 4* on it, its totally useless now !!!

they should change it to retrain 4* with a x% Chance of Season 2 4* Heroes :wink: (as said by others before)

but the dvpers just ignore our request; they dont care about us

I’m very happy


Only 7 more months until my Hero Academy is ready! I’ve been playing for years.

New players should give up before they start, it’s not worth it.

At this point I have decided not to care what I get as long as they are not slow heroes. I have 3 spare Quintus and a spare Elena I want to trade in for anything fast or normal. I wonder what the odds are for that in hero Academy

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I started today the last research, I’ll finally be ready to go with a pool of 12 1.01 disposable duplicates :slight_smile:

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There are 8 slow S1 5* heroes. The other 12 are fast or average. So if you put a slow hero for retraining, you’ll have 12/19 (slightly above 63%) chance of a fast/average hero.

Considering only S1 heroes (95% of the time).

Edit: And 5% of the time you’ll get an old HotM, Event or S2 hero, great chances of a fast/average hero here. Fingers crossed for a hero of this list!

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Got an answer from SG, they said actually nobody care about 4* so they wont add non s1 4* on HA lvl 8
they advice me to use HA only for troops and lvl 10

They (SG) actually told you only to use HA level 10 and just for troops and to ignore all other levels?

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yeah its there just to increase buiding time and because they need 10 lvl
but they are not going to make it usefull, it never ever gonna happen

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