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option for hero academy to be changed? how about adding retrain 4* epic troop? I ask this because I have yet to pull a 4* yellow troop. I have pulled 8 red ones. I have no need for that many red ones so I have fed off the extra fat. It would be great to retrain a red possibly into a yellow. Just a thought.

This is already there, level 9 - retrain your epic troops.

I am finishing my Advanced Food Storages this week and then I´ll be able to research both levels 9 and 10 for retraining troops and heroes.

EDIT: I also don´t have a 4* yellow mana troop, but have several spare green troops for retraining. I would like one more mana troop for red, blue and purple too.

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Does anyone know how lvl 9 hero academy is working? I assume you put a 4* in you get a 4* out. But is it the same color or different color?

@Divertbone, I merged your question to an appropriate thread which contains your answer.

Check the OP for the info, specifically the table of stages.

For Lvl 9, in goes a 4* and out will come ANY OTHER S1 4* hero (unlevelled)

We observed that with 3x HA9 (@Guvnor troop mit hero :smile: ) , the same color always came out.

Is it intentional?
Is it a bug?
Or just coincidence?

The sample is very small, so I don’t want to say it has been proven.

Therefore the question to everyone.

Has anyone got another color?

So far I have 2 results from HA9:

  1. blue crit troop -> green mana troop
  2. purple crit troop -> green crit troop

Since I’m missing a purple mana troop, and have only one red mana troop, I’ll continue with HA9 as long as it takes for getting at least 2 mana troops for each red and purple.


This :slight_smile:

You can get any other troop other than what goes in :slight_smile: There WAS a bug where this included Ninja Troops but I beleive that has been changed/ removed.


So when retraining a 5* hero, is your outcome totally random on who you will get or will you get a random 5* of the same element? A member is asking as she got Thorne for Magni and I have noticed other people sharing and it seems they also got the same element hero, is this coincidence or how it works?

Thanks and sorry if this has been asked already

There are currently no 4* retraining, only 5* heroes retraining available in HA10, we put any 5* heroes, and the output is any 5* S1 heroes plus small chance (5%) of limited heroes, and guaranteed the output is not the same as we input. And random element.

Here is the popup info:

You can see some of members already share result here:
Hero Academy level 10 - Results & Reporting

that weird and not as intended, a 4* hero retrained into a 5*?.. maybe photoshoped?
the point is, there are no retrain except HA10 (5* heroes) and HA9 (4* troops).


Sorry re-read her comment it was Magni not Grimm

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OK, then that can be happen, random element including element what we input.
But guaranteed not the same hero, so it is imposibble to get Magni from Magni.

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Awesome thank you for the feedback

question, if you retrain an hotm, you are still at risk of a s1 hero? I’m about unlock HA10 and want know my risks…


No matter what hero you put in the outcome has a 95% probability to give a S1 5* hero and a 5% probability of giving a non-S1 5* hero :slight_smile:


I would happy to get a second Lianna from Horghall, and even Elkanen or Kadilen. But I do not need Khagan, 4th Leonidas and so on. So, for me same-element retraining is good.

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I agree. Even after two years and more than 500 TC20 trainings, I am still missing Lianna, Azlar, Kadilen, Isarnia and Quintus. I would be happy to get any one of those. Unfortunately, it will take another 2 months for me to start HA10 retraining. These building times are so long, especially, without a second builder.


Does that mean a green 5* will result in another green? Or is it still random.

5* in -> Any other 5* from the list. Only restriction is that you cannot get out what you put in.


does the lists ever change?

Per the OP:

So each month, 1x additional Old HotM is added to the possible options.


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