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I have yet to confirm this, my friend as I was stuck on this HA10 research. Had I known that to happen, I really would have researched other HA levels before going to researching HA10. I dunno if, say you finished researching HA6 and then research HA10, one can immediately queue in HA6 while waiting for HA10 to finish researching. I hope others can clarify on this as this is good info to have on other players.

Lol. I was thinking that this is for us to be reminded of the best family alliance in the game. Made me think to create a new alliance: Seven Days Retraining or Seven Days Waiting… just joking, guys. :peace_symbol:


Hahahaha! Priceless. That would be funny actually.

I’ll join. :wink:

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Thanks for the call out, I’ve stopped at lvl6 like @gregschen but I guess I can finish one of my advanced houses to get 300 recruit capacity.

@Guvnor my fear is that if I ever want to lvl HA past lvl6, then do I have to stop training lvl4&6?



I can confirm you can use HA6 (or any other HA) while HA10 is still researching (see screenshot).
@Ultra : thanks for your message on this forum, otherwise I would have made the same mistake as you did, so before researching HA10 I first did the research on HA6.



Good for you, buddy. At least I was able to help those who were able to read here. I hope they can cascade it to others not in the forum. But much greater appreciation of the work and info goes to the OP.

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This Hero Academy which I finally was able to obtain. Has not lived up to all of the hype prior to its release. I will not give up on it, I am still trying to level the Academy up, but it seems to be more of a troop and time wasted money grabber. I’m hoping that it will get better, Anyone with time put into the Hero Academy, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I stopped upgrading the HA at level 7 – any levels higher than this are a complete waste of time and resources for my level in the game. I am running HA6 and HA7 for respective iron and food storage.


Finally got a way to store iron, just as I store food on TC 20. Too bad I have only one building left to finish: Alchemy Lab, upgrading to level 7.

Started my first 5* hero training on level 10 while researching level 6. I think I’m only going to use level 6 and 10. Finger crossed :crossed_fingers:


I belittle the HA when it came out. but I went ahead and developed against my better judgement (go to do something with all that Fe) . I don’t need any more S1 5’s and with 4TC’s running, hero elevation is not much of a problem. Bu the two levels that give troops(2&3*'s) are really nice. Im running them like TC11’s for troop elevation.


Being able to store iron for later use (primarily for speed-embleming a newly-maxed hero) is a nice feature as well. (Now if I could just figure out a way to hold on to some ham as well…!)

Saving iron is nice but as HA6 user, im having boots/scabbards problem :smiley:
I have been using HA6 for 14-15 days, queued 208 days worth (approximately 83-84), and used half of my boots/scabbards. Now im not complaining how i am getting boots from titan loot :smiley:


Since HA10 waiting time is 7 days and it isn’t in SG’s plans to reduce that time, apparently, would it be possible to start a conversation about being able to build a second Academy? If not, why? I’d like to hear Small Giant on this one.


Current HA10 retraining Pool:

Has all old HotM up to and including Miki. I’ll keep an eye out for when Grazul is added to the pool.

As a general FYI, you can check the retraining Pool of heroes available at any time when you’ve built and researched HA10 by tapping the little “info” button.

NOTE: need to have a spare HA action to check the pool tho as you need to open the “retraining” screen to access the “info” button.

Edit, have reimported and checked in beta now that HA is live & can state that Grazul is still not in the HA pool.

I guess they get added at the end of their initial month (i.e. Grazul was Sept 2019 featured hero and will be available from October 1st 2020).


Isn’t Grazul already 1 year old???

12 months this month.

Hence my comment about seeing when they’re added to the HA pool… It’s not the start of the 12th month (obviously)… Whether it’s tied to the Tavern of Legends date OR the end of the month remains to be seen.

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I foolishly thought Finley, Jabberwock, WR, Puss, etc were included but I guess that’s not the case. Bummer, but not shocked.

No, the new Event heroes were never included.

Maybe when they’ve been out for 1-2 years…? :man_shrugging:


I hope they will included when I finally can use HA10 about next March :slight_smile:

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Isn’t Finley a year old already?

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