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please do not defend the current state of the hero academy … supposedly 5% probability … how many times you used lvl 10 … how many changes did you make … now the academy is net garbage … because it never pays for the expenditure.

I use heroes academy to:

Same for me, HA6 and HA7. In the current state of HA, I will never level-up the building past level 7… HA8, HA9, and HA10 are a complete waste of resources and time for me.

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I got nice amount of 4* AMs from Alchemy Lab and as you know, possibility to get 4* AM from Alchemy Lab is again 5%.

As a player, of course I would like to get something important from buildings but looking from the perspective of developers, increasing the amount of heroes/materials in a short time reduces their value, you should consider it too.

Good Luck for next HA10 transformation! :slight_smile:

now its time to build out Alchemy so I can get many many emblems/month

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Kad is amazing! I want Thorne - as much it sounds strange - combing him with Frida and a future Costume Grimm (or even C. Kiril or Athena, but I dont own her) could be promising.

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Does the “train epic heroes” give anything else than s1 heroes like level 10 or are they all gonna be S1?

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Per the OP: No. Only S1 heroes.


Please add a possibility to train non s1 4*


I just built Hero Academy Level 10 and I was so excited that I had about 2 weeks until I can FINALLY use a game mechanic that’s been needed for years yet for some reason game devs wanted you to spend months upon months just to build after you basically have already completed the game.

Then, I forgot that I had to research level 10 to use it which the research time will add even more wait. THEN, I realized you needed your ham storage completely maxed. I have two advanced at level 10 but not my 3rd. So now I’m going to have to spend more time to build up my 3rd ham storage. THEN I realized you need 300 recruits to even use level 10. I never felt like building my recruit houses up much because there really is no game advantage of maxing those. My 250 max works perfectly fine, i don’t need to max it (is what i always thought) but now I’m going to have to spend even more time building those up!!!

What i thought was me going into my final victory lap for what I thought was going to be my first time using hero academy has now made me stressed as i probably can’t even use hero academy until Christmas.

This game is becoming more and more of a chore and the devs really do a ■■■■■■ job at rewarding their player base for loyalty. The ONLY reason I’m still playing this game is because my 3 best friends play it and we have a 4 player alliance that i love. I love talking nerdy with them about wars and such. One player has already been on a 10 day hiatus and I’m afraid the other 2 will be joining shortly. They are the only reasons I am playing this game still. After all this hero academy frustration and all the other ■■■■ going on in this game, I’m so close to calling it quits. I really wish the game devs would actually listen to their beta testers (I am not one but i trust many of the opinions on the beta team) on how to improve this game.



I feel your frustrations. But since this thread has been out since June 22, readers already knew how much iron is required to level it and the cost of food to research HA10 function. And because of that, I carefully and meticulously planned everything just to avoid any major hitches, thus I maxed all plain and advanced storage structures available. I have been stockpiling my TC20 to almost 500 days worth of training to ensure that I have food when needed (now it is queued to 466 days worth of training).

What I am disappointed at is that nothing in the original post mentioned that you cannot perform double research on different HA functions after you have maxed the Hero Academy. Had I known that, I could have initially researched HA6 (training of rare troops) first since it will only take 1 day to finish the research based on the first post. Now I am stuck for <14 days to finish HA10 research. Either this is a bug or part of the dubious design for the Hero Academy.

@KiraSG @Petri @EmpiresPuzzles @mhalttu

Just a question to those who have already using HA. While you are training a hero on one level, can you do a research on another HA level in parallel?

I tried to find an answer in the post above, but was not able to find it…

Yes :slight_smile: can do this

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I’m sorry your highness :wink: your humblest servent fervently begs forgiveness for this oversight in his attempt at posting information for the masses to make use of. I do sincerely hope that you can recover from this travesty and give absolution for this grevious error dished out by this worthless worm.

I have added it to the OP now tho. :slight_smile:



It’s not about you and your original post. I apologize making my previous post sort of a blaming and venting one. I was just disheartened since SG was not transparent on this.

EDIT: And thanks for adding this:

Now everyone reading that will be able to definitely know it. You’re the best. :+1: :+1: :+1:


SG, would it be possible to cut down this 7d waiting time to, let’s say 5? If I ask very very very politely and swear to be a good positive player for next year, at least?

I always say to my kids that if you ask things nicely, sometimes, good things happen.


OK, based on that. Thanks for the confirmation and info.
So, we can use HA6 or any HA which is depend on our needed, while HA10 still in progress of research (14 days) or also HA9 (7 days).

Decreasing the retraining time was suggested in beta by a large number of testers. SG left it at 7d.

It is important to note that in its first version in beta, it only had old HOTM at a success rate of 1.3% or so on 7d of waiting.

Shame. If we could have 2 HA, it wouldn’t be that bad… You get a little excitement every 3,5 days and, I think, it would still be sustainable with ressources. But with only one HA, it seems a long long long wait for those odds.

I wonder why it’s 7d. I doubt a 5d wait would flood the game with old HOTM…

I guess if it was 5d, we’d ask for 3d. We should enjoy what we have, right?

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