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Starting a sentence with a strong “No” implies you at least know what he asked for.
Please edit your post and change it to a mild “Yes”.

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As I see someone else was already answered this to DBC long time ago.

@yelnats_24 and other forum members, I could use some advice :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:

Here’s my buildings’ situation:

a) My HA is at level 8 now, 7d17h from level 9;
b) My Advanced Iron Storages (AIS) are all maxed;
c) My Advanced Food Storages (AFS) are at 5, 5 and 6. One of the AFS5 has started the upgrade to the next level 14h ago.
d) My houses are 16, 16, 18 and Adv4. Total max of 275 recruits.

My main objectives are levels 9 and 10, because as C2P I got few mana troops (no yellow so far after almost 500 days playing) and lack good heroes (looking at you, HotMs).

I would like to know:

  1. How long will it take for me to start training both levels 9 and 10?
  2. What levels should I research and run during this time? Maybe levels 3 and 6 - uncommon heroes and rare troops…
  3. I´m considering shutting down my TC20 and use it as a TC11 instead, only classic sniper that I´m missing is Sartana. Is there any level of HA that could work as a food bank?

Thanks in advance for all help!

With 1 builder, about 4 months and 5 months respectively.

Thanks for aswering, yelnats!

I do have a second builder, so the time will probably be half of it.

About the other questions (2 and 3), anyone else is running other levels before starting levels 9 and 10? Which levels?

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Each run of HA8 is 2.5 days and 200K ham. This level of HA would work as a substitute to TC20 as a food bank. Keep in mind that you can only run 2 levels of HA simultaneously in parallel, so you would only be able to run one of HA9 or HA10 alongside HA8.

I am no longer using TCs as food strorage, rather I am using recipe 1B of the AL as my food bank. It only costs 43000 ham/day to run this recipe, no recruits to deal with, and the AL gives alkashard rewards.

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Oh man, the sheer number of finger taps you must be doing … it’s irritating enough to set it up for a 24 hour period (tap add, tap autofill, tap transmute, repeat 24x). :sweat_smile:

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So true, but this is more than 7 million food stored! I feel sorry for the left button of my gaming mouse, lol.


Time to utilize auto click app…

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Hey @DrB, the level you are using does not have much benefit, why not using 2B instead? I believe 2B is one of the best, since you might transmute your useles minor healing pots into 60% mana pots and banners. Im not using Forge to craft mana pots thanks to 2B.

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Which build you guys use to convert into hero academy? I think I need farms, also I need last forge…

I am using Recipe 1B as food storage, and this transmute only requires 1* farmable materials as ingredients (Currently, I have enough 1* farmable materials to run Recipe 1B for several years). With the shear number of transmutes going for food storage (I’m up to 4500 transmutes in 1B today), running Recipe 2B with the same food storage goal would require a lot of minor healing potions…

Correct me if I am wrong, my understanding is that Recipe 2B would require 10 ingredients and 3.6K food per transmute – so, 2250 transmutes of Recipe 2B would be equivalent to the food I currently have stored in 1B (at 4500 transmutes). But, running 2250 transmutes in Recipe 2B would require 22.5K minor healing potions as ingredients. I currently have 350 minor healing potions, so running Recipe 2B for food storage would require crafting quite a hefty number of minor healing potions. I.e., it seems that Recipe 2B is not as food efficient as running Recipe 1B for sole purpose of food storage, unless you already have a massive stockpile of minor healing potions in inventory.

BTW, I am also running Recipes 10A and 10B in parallel with 1B. So, I have no additional bandwidth to run Recipe 2B – otherwise, yes, I would definitely consider running 2B a handful of iterations.


I converted one of my training camps to the hero academy. With the alchemy lab now serving as my primary source for food storage, I only have the need for 3 (at most) training camps.

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Agree, but 2B is food wise since getting 1 mana pot over 5 item counterbalance the food you use. Also i start crafting minor healing pots before going to bed so I have 20 days at 2B for now.

Well game strategy changes person to person, Im using 2B, 3A and 10A currently. I just commented because you also probably has lots of uncommon items and it would be better to have something useful other than 2* crafting materials.

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are only 4 * heroes from season 1 given out in HA level 8? or as in level 10 also event heroes (4 *) …
if so, is there also an overview? (or just all;))

Does it still make any sense to pick up 4 * heroes who are definitely not leveled - since they are not used as starting material in the HA?
(I have 10x Sabina, 10x Grimm etc …)

Welcome to the community Reburg :slight_smile:

Unfortunately only season 1 heroes are given out from HA level 8.

Only level 10 gives out the possibility of event, season 2, and previous HOTM that have been released for 12 months minimum.

I would feed the S1 4* duplicates that you’re not planning to level anytime soon. For event 4*s, I would maybe consult the forum first to see it’s worth keeping or feeding dupes of them away.

I don’t think it’s worth keeping duplicates of S1 heroes that you’re not planning to level. If by chance you later want dupes of them, chances are you’ll get another one fairly soon anyway from TC20 or some portal since they’re available in every 3* and up rarity portal.

This happened to me recently too: I wasn’t keeping any Melendor duplicates, but now that I got Melendor’s costume recently, I kept the dupe that came with it since that made him worth leveling 2 of him for me.


Thank you for the fast answer!

I didn’t find this asked, but I assume it’s similar for “retraining” a 4* troop? Is the one you get back is at level 1?



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not the slightest exaggeration … i have videos … i spent thousands of diamonds … i have exchanged 8 heroes right now i did the same … horghall and vivica came … i quit now … i gave up … it is terrible to give special hero with such low probability …

You think I haven’t tried s3 heroes event heroes :slight_smile:
the result was much worse …

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