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Over the past 18 months I’ve only leveled one hero I got from HA10 (C2.Vivica costume (I already had C1 leveled)). So I asked myself if HA10 is still a good use of resources with the list of mostly older heroes. Short answer, I think it is.

First, let’s look at my empirical results. I have received 19 “Special” heroes from HA10 for a special rate of 12.7%. Of those, I’ve leveled 9, so let’s call that half.

Next I looked at the list of heroes available. I decided that I would level 24% of the options available.
I also calculated the S1 costumes I would level. This is bit tough. Because I’d level almost any toon hero. But when you only get 1 costume at a time, that’s not enough to make say Justice worth leveling. I also already own some costumes so some don’t add value. Based on my quick assessment, I would level 35% of costumes (assuming every hero has 3 costumes available).

If we assume a 10% chance at a special hero and 5% chance of costume multiplied by my want percentages, my odds of getting something I want are 4.3%. Doing this weekly will get me an expected 2 special heroes a year.

Alternatively, I could use train more troops. I currently do HA2, so let’s say I pick up 4 as my other. One troop every 21 hours is 417 a year. At 180xp each that’s 75K in xp. So what would I do with 75K in xp? Well, I know I generally get about 10K in xp each month already in each element. Since HA2 will spit it out across each element, let’s call that 15K xp per element. So that’s a month and a half extra troop xp? Would it help, yes? but when I need ~60K xp to go from level 1 to 29, an extra 15K doesn’t seem like it changes too much.

But does 2 more heroes change much. The answer is kinda no for both. But for some reason the hero seems more tangible I’m neglecting the food/iron/recruit costs that go into this. For now I’ll stick with heroes. If the HA changes that were stealthy added to beta, but haven’t made it to the live game make it eventually, my calculations may change. That almost doubles the output of HA troop training (and actually makes HA6 much better). Now I’m looking at essentially a 25% increase in troop xp. That may be harder to pass up as older heroes become less useful and I acquire more costumes.