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They (SG) actually told you only to use HA level 10 and just for troops and to ignore all other levels?

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yeah its there just to increase buiding time and because they need 10 lvl
but they are not going to make it usefull, it never ever gonna happen

Is there any experimental data showing the chances for Trainer Heroes?

Guessing it’s not 25% / 25% / 25% / 25% :rofl:

Maybe more like 50% / 30% / 15% / 5% :cry: (or even more skewed :confounded:)

Also a guess that element is an equal 20% chance.

Anyone had any experience they could share?


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considering a 4* trainer worth 1500gems, i would say its probably 1% chance :rofl:

Beta experience was this in 501 pulls:

1 star: 265 (52.9%)
2 star: 189 (37.7%)
3 star: 44 (8.8%)
4 star: 3 (0.6%)

My personal experience with HA Level 7 so far from 29 pulls in the live game:



Cross post.

Is HA7 worth it?

:bacon:TL;DR: If the cost to feed a hero is over 8211, HA7 is worth it, otherwise use TC2.


30 recruits for HA7
5 for TC2

From the above post:
HA7 gives nearly 5 times the experience from TC2 per training.

4.98x5=24.9 Recruits from TC2 are needed to get the experience of the 30 recruits you’d need for HA7.

That’s a very slim difference. Consider food and time when deciding to use HA7, not recruits.

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I had retrain so far continuously about 10 5* S1 heroes. RECEIVED so far only S1 heroes… normally i should receive a non S1 hero in the next 10 retraining to stay in 5% as they say

Hello, I have been searching for a while but can’t find any info about this.

Can you retrain a hero that has been already leveled/ascended?

If you do, does the new hero have the same level the original hero had? Or perhaps you just lose the upgrades - in this case do you get any of invested items back?

Then, what about talents - can you send a hero with talents in and expect a hero with talents out of it or would they lose their talents during convertion? Or maybe it forces you to reset talents first?

Same about troops - can you retrain upgraded ones? Do they retain the upgrade? Otherwise, so you get anything back or is it just lost?

Can you retrain or receive ninja troops via this building?

Using this building is a far perspective for me but answers to these questions could help me decide if I should upgrade my duplicate heroes with excessive materials or leave them as they are.


It goes back to level 1

It forces you to remove the emblems. With or without reset token, it’s up to you.

Didn’t test it but I’m sure they’ll be back at level 1.

Nope. They were just introduced into the game.


A detailed write up here…


Thank you for sharing this information @Guvnor, I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this :star:

@Dessertrose referred me to this discussion thread because I’m not sure if I really need or even want to build an HA… the sheer amount of resources for constructing one is stunning…imho…

And it’s definitely interesting and worth reading/reviewing all the information and feedback found throughout this post…

…this truly puts the HA into perspective with respect to cost…:thinking:

Thanks again, :slightly_smiling_face:



I am still waiting for the free builder required to convert that last slot to/from HA and whatever other building you need (Barracks, alchemy, ect) to be removed

@Guvnor All the guides and graphics say “Any Other 4* Troop” from Lvl9. Is that still accurate with Ninja Troops?

Has anyone [legit] gotten a Ninja Troop out of HA9 after the release of the Tower?

Staff stated that they removed Ninja Troops from Level 9. I’ll update the Op now & confirm with staff.


Well, I officially started feeding away 5*s today. It feels completely wrong, but they’re taking too much roster space and it’s clear that lvl 10 is not going to address that problem—so far I’m just cycling through the same hero (Azlar to Elkanen to Elena to Obakan to Azlar ad nauseam). I do like the level that makes trainer heroes, but so far that’s the only one that’s particularly useful. I’ll keep running HA to make troops for now, I think, although that is also too slow to be very useful. At this point, liking AL a whole lot more than HA.


Good afternoon.
I am on the long painful road to HA 10.
I know you need 300 recruits to use HA10.
My question:
What level does your houses need to be to reach 300?
I currently have 3 on level 13
And 1 on advanced level 1.
That gives me a total of 210 recruits.

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There are going to be multiple answers, but for me advanced level 9, and the other 3 all at level 16 gives me exactly 300.

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In my case, I’ve got the advanced house at level 6 and the other three at 18 and 17.

Thank you.

Maybe I should ask:
Is there a thread that shows by much your recruits increase per level of house.
I know sometimes it increases by 4 and other by 2.
In any case it is a relief to know it does not have to be maxed like food and iron

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