Hero Academy (epic) hero's

Just one question about hero Academy epic training: I have Jott 4* blue but slow and I’m not very happy with slow hero’s and his from Valhalla and I want to train him with another hero and now the question is: if I put valahlla hero to train I’ll get back classic hero’s instead only or in the hero Academy by magic you can get any epic hero’s released by now?? And I would like to know for legendary heroes as well if possible. Tks

4 star heroes can not be retrained.

Hero academy level 8 give you new Season 1 heroes.

You can retrain 5 heroes in Hero Academy level 10.
No matter what you are putting in you have 95% chance to get a Season 1 five star hero, and you have 5% chance to get a Season 2, event five star hero or an old HOTM…

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You’ll find all the details about HA in this thread:

Epic heroes can’t be retrained. Only the legendary ones.
If you use the option of training epic heroes, you’ll get only 4* from the first season.

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You can train 4* hero to get a different 4* hero back but the question is if I put a Valhalla hero I’ll get classic hero instead or I have a chance to get another 4* hero from another season

Level 9 is for retraining 4 star troops and not heroes.

I know that but as you look carefully at level 8 there’s write train a epic hero

That is garanteed to be a new Season 1 four star hero.

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So no matter what epic hero you choose to train you’ll get only classic hero insted??

You don’t put a hero in. It’s not REtraining.

Ah ok, I understand now is not like legendary heroes. Tks


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