Hero Academy (Epic Heroes)

This is a building that surprised me a lot, to be honest have been glad to upgrade something that works “good” & is worth the effort by spending gems/money, making the game interesting & making playing worth the effort to sit back & jam some quests or raids, but…

Since it has been such a long time to upgrade this type of building & researching everything (hopefully before I retire in 25 years), it has come to my attention that for the past 3 times training an “epic hero”, I somehow get Chao the whole time, I have 4 Chao’s now in my posession, what the hell do you do with 4 of the same hero? Feeding it to the rest that’s a VARIETY, but stuck at Chao? 3 Times in a row?

How many Epic Heroes is in this game? One? Since Chao is the only epic hero according to an academy, isn’t there more than One? Is he going to replace Jet Li in the movie The One? Perhaps, I don’t know, looks like it. ANY other training option gives you more of a variety, even if it’s the same hero after a very long time, but not the same old ONE EPIC HERO IN EXISTENCE namely Chao. I’m a bit confused, because if you spend so much time on it & like I mentioned, before my old age, will there be another ONE epic hero a person can look forward to?

You get Ninja’s, Vampire’s, Alice in Wonderland, Vanaheim, whatever type of group there ever can be created, maybe even Star Wars Vader’s, we’ll never know, but flippin ONE EPIC HERO over & over & over & over & over & over & over & over again???

Come on, even a child that can hardly speak know that after one comes two & then three & so on, even if he/she shows signals via hand, they can still count & don’t freeze up & is stuck at ONE…

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Sorry for the notifications, I accidentally merged your topic to another one – it’s been reopened now.

While it’s improbable, it is possible you might get the same hero retrained out of that.

Also, you can’t retrain heroes from other portals. Just classic heroes out of this HA level. Meaning only Season 1 heroes.

The epic training level in Hero Academy kinda sucks IMO. It would be better if you could retrain some of the Season 2 4*s at least.


I myself is clueless as to why the devs did not include S2 epic heroes in the academy. After finishing S2, atlantis coins became scarce that summoning S2 4* became improbable so HA should provide additional chance of summoning them.

The reason can’t be those who have not finished S2 yet since more probably than not, those who haven’t finished S2 is still far from having a fully operational HA.

So to devs, why not include S2 4* heroes in the HA. This will give us players more chances of not summoning chao from HA consecutively. :sweat_smile:


Exactly & I fully understand to where the summons are based & which heroes comes from what season. But in all fairness, to retain such HA building is not something you start from scratch by playing the game one day & gaining everything the next.

We all are experienced players by getting this far in the game & to be able to build such structures takes months & a lot of gameplay, but to get rewarded with such “pitiful prices” is just beyond my understanding.

If you think about it, in reality, it’s like you go to a clothing store that’s huge, it just remodeled & expanded, “catering” for every single human being that visits it & you were part of that by contribution to its development, the option to choose anything in it is limitless & as soon as you walk over to the shoe section, then with all hopes & dreams just to find your shoe size, all of a sudden you are offered a sock the size of your big toe…well, you can keep your big toe warm, so hopefully after a few days wait, maybe then you can find your shoe size finally, but no…you are given another small sock for the other foot :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Doesn’t make sense, I know. Neither does this Hero Academy’s “rewards” for being an experienced player to have come so far in the game.

I think the devs really need to consider that if they want to keep their players/clients, they should reward players along the way as they progress (any game in existence rewards players along the way for participation), it can even be in the form of more building space or other/more abilities, like the Alchemy Lab with the Alkashards, really cool option where you can choose your combo out of what is available. Now that will be great for heroes also, have like an option to choose to combine a certain amount of heroes with their “star status” in the hopes for a hero of the month or 5* hero. It will still be a gamble, but in that way the game is interesting & enjoyable. Now it’s kinda predictable & boring, the only excitement is to be able to chat with people & having war’s, that’s it & even the war’s I feel is rigged, it’s like out of the alliance group there is always 2-3 random players that’s chosen to suck along the way, nevermind their level, the rest will continue normally or the war outcome is decided before it even started, nevermind how hard you try or even barely try. So, like the one topic I wrote about the game being “more luck than strategy”, people started going on about that & gave input, negative & positive, but still, wrote that a very long time ago & what has changed…? :neutral_face:

So…can’t wait for my next hero to develop, hopefully it’s my 5th Chao :crossed_fingers:

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I’m bumping this thread rather than start an idea thread. Training 4* heroes in HA is essentially useless, but it wouldn’t be if there was a chance to get a special 4* from Atlantis or Event heroes. Why do it for 5* heroes but not 4*?
I admit my I’m whining a bit because I still don’t have Proteus, but I’m certainly not the only one who would appreciate an improvement here instead of just a filler level.


It’s been complained about. It was complained about in beta. Devs don’t care. So seems unlikely to change.

I mean, we could also complain that about 1/3 of TC levels are useless too (and I’d say more like 1/2), but that’s clearly not changing either.

HA10 already gives out costumes to S1 legendary heroes in addition to the S2 and event legendaries available. A great update by the way SG. :+1:

BUT, what about for the Epic heroes? S2 epics and costumes??? :man_shrugging:

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It’s alright, Punch. You’ll get your Wilbur soon.

Alas, they basically said in the latest Q&A that this was NOT going to happen…

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