Hero academy Collection

when claiming heroes I have trained i have noticed for example: claim 8 but when I claim them I do not get 8 I will get 6. I have noticed this more than once where I seem to lose 1 or 2 between what shows as trained and what is claimed .

Are you talking about pop up? or in hero inventory?
Because in pop-up it might show a smal x2 or x3 etc in the corner when more than 1 equal hero is trained.


Correct I also trained 15 heroes and gave me 10 and then I train 9 and gave me 7 all the resources and soldiers lost!!!

Guys, we already have a previous thread on this. Please use the search button.

This is not a bug. A duplicate feeder does not show again when being claimed, that is why it would appear you have only few claimed when it should be more.

This can easily be confirmed when you have several “harvestable” feeder heroes from your TCs. Allow them to accrue to at least 20 heroes to be claimed. Once you start claiming each hero there, the duplicate ones will not anymore show. The second Brand or 2nd Layla will not be shown anymore since you have already claimed the first released ones a bit earlier, but they are still there already in your hero roster. Nothing is lost.


Check this out:

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Thanks, @Magnifique. I am on my phone lying in bed preparing to sleep. It’s difficult for me to look up that thread using a mobile device instead of the computer.

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