Hero Academy! Can we please have more information?

The primary reason is to save on rarer items (midnight roots) and
Orichalcum. I use revive scrolls for emblem missions and a couple
others, and I hate to waste orichalcum on anything other than

Again, for me, finding stuff to spend food on is a GOOD thing. (101

days of training in TC 20, 424 days in TC11, and two currently
running uncommons.) I’m not sure how anybody has a shortage. Maybe
because my farms are all 20, except for level 10 and 6 advanced?

One tabard every three months doesn’t seem worth the trouble to me, but I hope I’m wrong.

Imagine saving up shards for 3 months (never mind the rotation of rare quests cycle 2 months or so) for that tabard you’re so desperate for and you finally get enough alkashards to trade them in for…

your 17th rings when you have 0 red 5* cards to ascend.

Talk about a bummer.

Anyways, about the Hero Academy. Um, yeah. It’s an academy of heroes? They do training stuff. You know, over a period of time for game things. You get the picture. What more do we need to know? When? Soon!

In the words of Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci, “If you were going to tell a friend ‘I will be over relatively soon’ and then showed up a year and a half later, your friend may be relatively pissed off”


Leveling heroes and troops, applying emblems, crafting stuff for events… Somehow there’s never enough ham. All my buildings are maxed, so I have plenty coming in, but it all somehow finds a way to go back out!


Given that I’ve only found 12 in a year and a half, it sounds decent
to me.

Considering you’d get 9 tabards in year and a half from Morlovia alone that’s some really bad luck.

Or I am too lucky, considering I average about 2/month between the special quests, elemental chests, and various loot. I just maxed Clarissa and she was my fifth dark hero since I started last February. That’s 30 tabards in 15 months for me and plenty of teammates say they average even more.

Something is off.

I suppose so. It’s just the tabards, too. I’ve found about 24 of all
the other rare ascension items.

Sounds about right to me. I’ve been playing for over 2 years.
I’ve gotten:
17 Scopes
16 Tonics
20 Rings
16 Darts
15 Tabards

The drop rates are horrilble and the game seems really good at giving you what you DON’T need. I have gotten enough rings to power 3 5* Reds… but I only got my first 5* red like a month ago, at which point I got like 2 in a week. Meanwhile, I have 7 Dark (3 dupes), 6 Yellow (2 dupes), 3 blue (1 dupe), and 8 Green (3 dupes).
All but 3 of those came from TC20… b/c of course they did.

So yes… you are likely just very lucky.

These plans are subject to change, but…

New Feature: Hero Academy Testing Planned [V30 Beta 2]

We may officially see it eventually in this round of beta tests.


I was going to bring this up b/c apparently I can upgrade my stronghold to 24 now. Does anyone know if we can get to 25 yet?

Of course… with how bad the Alchamy Lab is, I’m not expecting much from the Hero Academy… Changing one 5* to another will likely cost hundreds of gems.

Making this stuff cost gems doesn’t really help players much IMO. I’ve tried to run dozens of Alchemy Lab lvl 6 transmutations and I’ve gotten exactly 0 color specific 3* mats.

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Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint too much.

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My guess, is its not done quite yet but they hope the final round of beta testing might have it ready with gawd knows what final powers?
Since its a hero academy, my guess is its to retrain or reroll existing heroes in some form. When the Telluria OP problem 1st became ridiculous the thought was they may allow you to random reroll a skill on a hero in exchange for crazy gem count and possibly hero feeding. That would allow you to empower an existing hero with 1 new random skill (likely youd have to subtract a skill to equalize it). So if you got lucky you could add say Hel’s mana blocking to a different hero and that would have allowed people to defeat the Telluria OP issue finally.

BUT, thats been tentatively solved since they are preparing to nerf a pile of heroes including Telluria, and also buff up a big pile that had issues and nobody would use them (Margaret made the list! I fed at least 3 or 4 of Margaret already, though I did keep one I levelled and have NEVER used her even once!).

Strange that Heimdall didnt make the nerf list, though he is sorta a 5050 split. His slowness coupled with his limited spectrum does allow him to be beatable if you are a little careful, you just have to watch your tiles and not let him fire twice (Which isnt that hard with a slow hero) and he can usually be managed. Especially since hes often not a tank so he can be worked around. But Ive faced a few Heimdall tanks and seen the wing heroes reach 2000 health! THAT is a PITA! But its not common so it is what it is.

There was a blog post from SG that said (and it was a blog from months ago so cant be depended on to still be accurate) that trading heroes was NOT going to be the function, implying that the hoarding of 4 and 5 stars in hope of TRADE 2 FOR 1 HEROES would allow us to all upgrade our dupes to useful new names. It was said that absolutely wasnt gonna be the case. But till we see it, who really knows?

breaking news, it wont cost gems for hero academy !!
but we will have 0.001% to get a hotm and hotm coming from hero academy are nerfed, its called free cheap hotm

Just an idea that I think would help people in regards to unused 5 star heroes.

The problem
A lot of us In the game have unused 5 stars heroes. The reasoning behind this, if we completely max one hero, there potentially is no reason to max the same hero twice. Another reason is that we may have different heroes to consider in our roster that are better so they get left behind.
A user has 20 unused 5 stars in their roster and potentially is not going to level any of them. So they just stay unused in the users account.

Background info
A lot of users tend to keep these unleveled heroes in their roster as their difficult to get and they don’t want to feed them away to another hero.

Ideal solution

  • Add to alchemy lab or another upcoming function : “god of light”. The functioning of this would allow the user to transfer five unused five star heroes to generate one new hero which they current don’t have in there roaster.

  • A random hero from S1/2 would be generated but most importantly it would be a hero that the user currently hasn’t got. This also includes the heroes been placed into the generator. Older season 3 heroes can get updated to this generator as time goes forward.

  • As I’m aware that this game needs to make money too so you could use gems to activate “god of light” and it would take 15 to 20 days to complete 1 full cycle.

  • This function would benefit both free to play users and pay to play users and allows users to free up some space in there rosters.

You use this same format for 3 star heroes and 4 start heroes too.

Just an idea, we are all passionate about this game and want to compete against each other and I think a tool like this could be helpful.

Thanks for reading.

:imp: Black Evil :imp:

Hero academy is supposed to address this and should be in beta relatively soon…according to SG.


Like Half Life 3 will be released relatively soon


Just goin by the schedule petri put in the beta lounge :man_shrugging:


I would be happy enough if they change the summoning algorithm to give you a higher chance of getting someone you don’t already have on your roster.

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Please tell me you’re being sarcastic… 15-20 days??? TF?!

It’s bad enough that SH*24 will take 11 days at least

It was just an idea, the people who test this kind of stuff can try adjust the timings to what ever they like, obviously sooner would be better I agree but the principle is more important. :+1:

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